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DEF CON 23 Theme image

DEF CON 23 Theme Announcement!

We’re announcing the theme for DEF CON 23 early. Like, hella early. Right now early.

The theme will be ‘The 23 Enigma - a Hacker Noir’.  Fedoras and rain-slicked streets. Smoky back rooms and numbers that show up too often for coincidence.  While the good people of Everytown dream away the dark hours, the data wars rage without ceasing. Sleepless vigilantes fight for the users, though the users may never know. No matter. A bottle of the good stuff, a fast connection and the room to do a righteous night’s work, that’s enough. It’s gotta be. It’s all that’s left.

Hackers, start your imaginations.

The Dark Tangent’s announcement is here:

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Link roundup image

Upcoming DEF CON Groups Meetings!

If you haven't gotten yourself involved in a DEF CON group, there's no time like the present to make some new friends, contribute to some cool projects, and generally help make the world a more hacker-friendly place. You can find information about DCGroups on the defcon forum, and in the groups section on Can't find one nearby? Start one!

Here's a short list of some of the US DCGroups meetings going on in the next few days:

Wednesday, November 12

DC214 (Dallas/Fort Worth) 7pm at Lakewood's First and 10 - contact (

Thursday, November 13

DC412 (Pittsburgh) 7pm at SEI Building, Oakland PA (rsvp at
DC612 (Minneapolis) 6pm at Elsies Bar and Bowling Alley - event page (

Friday, November 14

DC719 (Colorado Springs) 7pm CTU Room 112 (
DC801 (Salt Lake City) 5pm at 801 Labs (

DCG POCs - got something going on you don't see here? let us know!

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Link roundup image

Link Roundup: Onymous Edition

Last week 'Operation Onymous' - a Law Enforcement sweep of Tor hidden services websites - netted about 400 takedowns and 17 arrests.

The Tor blog has a post summarizing what happened, offering suggestions and soliciting feedback. The operator of seized hidden service site Doxbin has released his logs in hopes of helping find how the network was compromised.

For anyone looking for a discussion of the Tor network, what it can and cannot do and what users must do to maximize its effectiveness, we offer a talk from the Tor Project's Runa Sandvik from DEF CON 21.

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Link roundup image

Link Roundup: Assault on Mobile Privacy

We've mentioned it before, but the news about government spying sort of drowns it out: the commercial entities tracking your digital footprints are just as determined to capture all of your data and use it against you.

This week's big corporate data collection story was about Verizon and the 'unkillable' 'perma-cookies' they've been injecting into their customer's web traffic. It's certainly more the rule than an isolated example of service providers getting all up in your KoolAid, but it's generated interest because Verizon is huge and they are going out of their way to circumvent privacy measures built into your mobile devices.

This link roundup is about the Verizon story, but it's also a general reminder of the hard work that many, many digital middlemen put into unraveling your privacy sweater for power and profit. It's also a reminder that we have to be loud about these intrusions if we want them to stop. Companies like Verizon are not going to voluntarily give up all that sweet data unless they know they're going to lose subscribers.

We close the roundup with a link to a turbo talk from DC 19 about one man's work toward unveiling the methods of some major corporate browser history snoops.,news-19848.html

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call for feedback image

Feedback Requested

We're updating the DEF CON website's resource recommendations, and we'd love some suggestions from you. We're starting with computer reference books. We want to know which ones you find yourself going back to, which ones changed the way you think. What computer reference book has been indispensable to you? Send your suggestions to sleestak at defcon dot org!

We'll be asking for lots of other types of recommendations in the coming weeks.

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Speaker's Corner!

We present to you, today’s featured DEF CON Speaker! The greatest ever! Ermahgerd look at it amplifry! What a work horse! Never tires! All it’s bass…

Don’t like this? Do something about it.

If you’re a DEF CON Speaker (past or present) and would like to write a post to become featured here, on the Speakers Corner section of, please send an email to Talks (at ) defcon (dot) org with your story. Drop us a line, let us know what you’re working on or what you’d like to share. DEF CON Groups members and speakers that also includes you! What’s your group been up to these days? Topics can vary from discussions on latest buzzword, walkthroughs, attack & defense, bio hacking, tips for improving certain skills, opinions on the state of affairs, etc. The possibilities are endless, and we are looking for content that fits in the spirit of'_Corner

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Golden Key

Link Roundup: Crypto Wars Reloaded

In September, Apple and Google both announced that they were going to ship their new devices with encryption turned on by default.  

This has caused some concern in the Law Enforcement community. James Comey, current Director of the FBI, went on 60 Minutes to urge manufacturers to reconsider. He believes that if the good guys don't have a 'golden key' to everyone's mobile device, the bad guys can 'go dark' and gain an advantage will lead to terror, child abduction and ‘threatens to take us all to a very, very dark place’.

There are a lot of problems with this logic. For example:

Evildoers always have the option of ‘going dark’, regardless of how much privacy we give up.

The 'golden key' isn't the only way for LE to get the data they want.


Most importantly, it's not possible to create a back door that can be entered only by the pure of heart. If the righteous can squeeze in today, the sketchy will, inevitably, squeeze in tomorrow. Later today, most likely.



Schneier on Security:



Just Security:

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Materials Archive artwork

DEF CON 22 Materials Archive RSS is Live

Greetings, DEF CON community. Today, we bring you another update to our growing online archive for DEF CON 22 - all the links to the presentation materials, wrapped in a pretty little RSS bow for your convenience. All the presentation slides, links to all the tools and extras, all by grabbing the link below. Perfect for every occasion, and excellent as a holiday gift for the hard-to-buy-for geeks in your life. Because we love you. Watch this space for more DC22 video soon.

DEF CON 22 Materials RSS

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Photo of DEF CON 22 badges

DEF CON 22 Badge News

Sure, you love your DC22 badge. You love its sleek design and its powerful S guts. You swoon for its enigmatic symbols and breathtaking adaptability. But deep down, you worry that you could love it a little more if there was badge code available in C.

Worry no more. Instead, rejoice! Head over to the Parallax Forums and get to hacking that badge, C-style. If you do something awesome, let us know.

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Screen Cap of Hacker Jeopardy video

Hacker Jeopardy Night One at DEF CON 22!

For your enjoyment, we offer you Night One of our long-running hacker trivia gameshow 'Hacker Jeopardy'. Match wits with our champions by playing along at home (beers optional). If you play along at work, remember the headphones. Salty language and lots of shouting.

As always, enjoy and share. The exciting conclusion later this week.

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DEF CON 22 hotel rate infographic

DEF CON 23 Hotel Block Link is Now Live!

The DEF CON rate is available at the following hotels: Paris, Bally's, Ceasars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo and Quad.

To get in on this rate, you'll need to use this link.

Do not worry if the form doesn't immediately show the discounted rate. To verify that you're getting our price you can mouse over the dates you've selected or begin the checkout process.

If you prefer to use the telephone for this kind of thing, here's the list of participating hotels and the relevant Group Codes:




Planet Hollywood



We are excited about all the new space, and we hope you'll be able to join us.

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Torrent logo

More Torrents for You!

Another couple of torrents for your edification and delectation.

First, the X-Hour Film Contest:

This was a first year contest that asked entrants to script, shoot, edit and submit a short film in 48 hours, in the middle of DEF CON. Seven teams entered, four teams submitted a final film and the winner was announced by celeb guest judge Brian Knappenberger (director, 'We are Legion' and 'The Internet's Own Boy'). They're also available to watch on the DEF CON YouTube channel. CON 22 x-hour film contest.torrent

Second, Volume 1 of the Official DEF CON 22 Photo Feed:

This is the first batch of pictures we've gotten in from our official Photo Corps. Stay tuned for Volume 2. CON 22 pictures v1.torrent

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Torrent logo

DEF CON 21 Music is up!

Tired of listening to your mp3 collection? Looking for a way to spice up that ho-hum hard drive? When's the last time you and your music stash really... connected?

Take care of your ears. Hot DJ sets have been shown in clinical trials to help treat the symptoms of boredom, malaise and sickofmycollectionitis. Side effects may include stupid grin, periodic head nodding and uncontrolled shaking in the booty region. If symptoms persist for more than four hours you should probably drink some water.

Ask your doctor if DEF CON 21 Music Torrent is right for you.

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CTF Monument graphic

Capture the Flag Archive Updated!

We’ve updated the CTF page on the DEF CON website. In addition to being the new permanent home for the torrent link to CTF packet capture Valhalla (170 gigs of that uncut raw), it’s also home to a small but hopefully growing number of walkthroughs and write-ups. As we get them in, we’ll put them on.

That’s what we are doing for you, for loving the CTF tournament. What you can do for us is seed, seed, seed and spread the word.

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Torrent logo

Torrential Downpour!

Your half-full drives are vulnerable. The webs are just looming there, waiting to pump your memory full of bad music, dumb videos and pictures of other people’s unremarkable pets. Protect yourself. Fill up that dangerous unused space with DC-related goodness.

So far, we’ve got six new and updated torrents up:

DEF CON 22 Speaker Materials:
Updated Speaker Materials: Torrent Torrent Icon

DEF CON 22 Music:
Music CD: Torrent Torrent Icon

DEF CON 22 Badge:
Collection of files related to hacking the DEF CON 22 Badge: Torrent Torrent Icon

Collection of Hacker Documentaries hosted on (Updated): Torrent Torrent Icon

Collection DEF CON Hacking Conference Con CD/DVDs (Updated): Torrent Torrent Icon

Collection DEF CON Hacking Conference Programs (Updated): Torrent Torrent Icon

We’re going to be adding to that list in the coming days. Together, we will fight back the secret scourge of disk encruftment.

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Closing Ceremonies video screencap

DEF CON 22 Closing Ceremonies!

For today’s #defconflashbackfriday we’re going all the way back to August of 2014 and serving up the DEF CON 22 closing ceremonies. So if you were at the show but didn’t make it to the end credits,or you haven’t been to a DEF CON and want to get an idea of the sheer scope of the event, this flashback is for you.

As always, enjoy it and pass it on.

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CTF Monument graphic

Complete Packet Captures from DEF CON 22 CTF!

Do we ever have a treat for you analytically inclined individuals. The complete packet captures from the DEF CON 22 Capture the Flag competition are now available for your leeching pleasure!

That’s right: 170 glorious gigabytes, packaged up in a handy torrent for your convenience! All of the traffic from the World Series of hacking contests, now yours to fold, spindle and mutilate to your heart’s content.

Enjoy, share, and if you can, seed this data. Packet captures taste better when they’re shared.

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Old printing press with DEF CON smiley

Read All About It!

Every year, we collect and share a sampling of the published reports from the press that covered DEF CON. It's interesting to see what gets the most interest, and it's gratifying to see that every year there are less stories about how scary hackers are and more stories about the incredible things hackers create and what we can learn from investigating the technology that surrounds us.

Transportation security, digital privacy, and the unexpected musings of eccentric AV software titans seemed to top the list in 2014. You can peruse the whole thing at your leisure on our press archive page.

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Sound of Knowledge screenshots

DEF CON 22 Video from Source of Knowledge!

Maybe you weren’t able to attend the the hacker playground that was the 22nd DEF CON. Perhaps you did, and just didn't get to pick up all the bleeding edge research our speakers were throwing down.

Take heart, hacker brethren and sistren, our friends at the Source of Knowledge record it all, and you can purchase those presentations for frame by frame forensic dissection in HD video format! In fact, they also offer a streaming option for those that like to keep it online.

Check out all of the purchase options at!

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Screen shot of DEF CON 22 Archive

DEF CON 22 Archive is Now Live!

Good news, everyone! The archive page for DEF CON 22 has opened for business. It feels like DC was only a couple of weeks ago, but you can already see the slides and extra materials from all the main-track talks.  We’ll eventually be adding audio and video as well, so keep an eye on this space. In the meantime, bum rush these Power Points to your heart’s content.

As always, pass it on.

The Latest


For Early Release - The Internet of Fails

Early Release! More video from DEF CON 22! This time it's a presentation from Zach Lanier and Mark Stanislav about the many ways the Internet of Things isn't ready for prime time, security-wise, and some insight into the work being done to make it safe to connect your various 'Things' to the IoT. Enjoy, think carefully about how much you need your SlapChop all up in the cloud, and share.

The Latest

contest results image

Contest Results Page — Now Live!

We had a lot of incredible contests at DEF CON 22. So many contests that they could have seceded and formed the People’s Republic of Contestia. So many, in fact, that the results are still coming in over a week later. To keep you informed, we’ve created a Contest Results Page on Check out who won, find links to the contest websites for further information.

If you don’t see your favorite contest, let us know @_defcon_ or contact the contest organizer and ask them to submit their results.

DEF CON Groups


Keep it going all year!

So you've been home from DEF CON for a week now - probably settled back into your normal routine. In the back of your mind, though, there's probably a little voice that wishes you could have DEF CON-style hacker camaraderie and learning opportunities all year long.

The good news is, you can. You can join a DC Group in your area. If there isn't a DC Group in your area, you can start one. The instructions for starting a group are at the link below, as well as a listing of the hundreds of groups that already exist around the world.

And when you get involved, be sure to keep in touch with us on social media. Let us know when you're meeting and we'll share it. Tape your presentations and we'll share those, too. Let's make this the fastest trip from one DEF CON to the next by keeping the ball rolling all year.

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attack visualization of CTF

DEF CON 22 CTF Results Are In!

Legitimate Business Syndicate has placed the final results of the DEF CON 22 CTF Finals on their website.There's scores, some shout-outs and even an explanation of their fancy radio badge and the cool contest visualization they debuted this year.

Congratulations to all won the right to participate, and extra respect to Plaid Parliament of Pwning, HITCON and Dragon Sector for taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Latest

LosT and DT Talking

DEF CONversation with LosT, DEF CON's Mindbender-in-chief

One of DEF CON's secret weapons is LosT, our resident Puzzle Master and Lord of the Badge. You can see his work all over DEF CON, from the insanely hackable badges to the secret codes and messages hidden all over the program and the venue.

Dark Tangent interviews him here about all of his various DEF CON activities, his process and even gets a few hints dropped for next year's puzzles.

The Latest

DEF CON 22 floor circle

Here come the updates...

This was an amazing year, and we've got a lot to share about it. Tons of stuff coming down the wire very shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this VERY thorough walkthrough of the DEF CON Badge Challenge from Team PotatoSec (Warning: Spoiler alert for those still trying to solve):

And just so you know, DEF CON 23 will be held August 6-9, 2015, at Paris/Bally's on the strip in Las Vegas!

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DEF CON 22 logo

News from the Front!

The hackening is in full swing at DEF CON 22. The Rio is abuzz with all manner of high-octane geekery. If you're here, you're probably too busy leveling up to keep an eye on the press surrounding the event, so we bring you this mini-roundup of press links to see what the rest of the world is saying about us.

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DEF CON 22 logo

Quick Update Roundup!

DEF CON is in full swing - so there’s a million things going on. Here’s a few recent news items to tide you over while we get the party set up.

If you’re one of those people that enjoys being entertained by entertaining entertainers, you’re going to want to check out our newly minted ‘Entertainment’ page. So much music - it’s like Coachella for people who people smart enough to test out of Coachella.

For lawyers, judges and law students, there’s a Lawyer Meetup this year. DEF CON General Counsel and Chief Legal Raconteur Jeff McNamara invites all with a connection to the practice of law for a relaxed low-key meet up followed by a spirited trip to the Voodoo Lounge.

Don’t forget to stop by Track 3 at 9pm on Friday and Saturday for Movie Night with Dark Tangent. Friday we’re showing ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’ - a moving bio of internet hero Aaron Swartz. Director Brian Knappenberger and Aaron’s brother Noah will be in attendance for Q&A.  Saturday, we’re showing ‘The Signal’. Directed by Will Eubank (who will also be in attendance), ‘The Signal’ is a mind-bending new scifi film that starts with some hackers on the road to DEF CON.

A few pro tips: stay hydrated, remember to eat and sleep. Keep the program handy - it’s like the Galactic Encyclopedia of DEF CON. Bring extra socks. Make new friends. Hack 100% of the things.

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Soma FM Logo

SomaFM at DEF CON 22!

One week, people. All that stands between all of us and DEF CON is a few measly days. To help get you amped up, we offer the SomaFM preview stream. Like last year, SomaFM will be manning the chill room and providing luscious, rejuvenating audio delights whenever you're looking for a recharge or a welcoming nook amidst the chaos. Fire up the stream and close your eyes. It's like you're already at DEF CON. One week, people!

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Alt text for image

For the Kids: Rootz Asylum at DEF CON 22

Rootz Asylum (formerly DEF CON Kids) has a full schedule of goodness planned for your padawan hackers. Learning, competition, fellowship with other hackish youth. It's pretty great. Back-to-school will definitely be cooler for the kids who spent their summer vacation winning DEF CON.

The Latest

Alt text for image

Movie Night With Dark Tangent: ‘The Signal’

The sci-fi mind bender ‘The Signal’ centers around hackers on a road trip to DEF CON, so we can be forgiven for being a little biased in its favor. But from that promising starting place, the escalating weirdness and suspense take the movie everywhere but where you might expect. We don’t want to spoil anything - you’re gonna thank us if you go in with a clean slate. We’re proud to have ‘The Signal’ for Saturday’s ‘Movie Night with the Dark Tangent’, and we’re prouder still to have director Will Eubank on hand for Q&A after the screening. The last reel will definitely make you want to talk to Mister Eubank. Make it a point to be there!
Saturday the 9th at 21:00, Track 3

The Latest

Hard drive dupe image


For even faster leeching pleasure of the conference media server we have invested in hard drive duplication towers, and next year DT plans to launch the Data Duplication Village.

Too busy to pick and choose what you want from the server and want it all?? This year we have three sets of 4TB drives that contain the same data as the media server, just split up and color coded. If you want to duplicate a particular drive you need to show up at the INFO BOOTH with your drives at the start of each day. First come First server. It will take about 8 hours to dupe a 4TB drive so a set will start in the morning and a set in the evening, to finish overnight.

There should be six 1:11 duplication towers (If they show up in time), with two for each drive color. That means we can dupe 66 drives at a time. Once enough people show up to fill a station the duplication process starts.

As of this writing it is sorted like this:

BLUE Drive = Conference Archives 1 of 2, including DEF CON
GREEN Drive = Conference Archives 2 of 2
ORANGE Drive = Podcasts, Cryptome, 1.5T of the Hak5 archives, FOSS Operating Systems, all other content

There will be an updated list at the infobooth.

Want in on it? Go buy some 4TB SATA II 7200 RPM drives (internal drives, not usb). Buy three if you want to try for the complete collection this year. I'd do it in advance, I think the local Frys will sell out! Duping should start Thursday!

The Latest

The Orb

DEF CON 22 Music Announcement: THE ORB

You better have just done that spit-take. That's right. Electronica/Trip-Hop/IDM/dub music classics and pioneers: The Orb. They're here. They're kicking. And on the 3rd day of DEF CON (Saturday night/Sunday morning 00:00-01:00) their divine presence shall bless the glorious attendees who... attend their glorious and divine performance. Those who do not attend will be forsaken and cast into the dystopian landscape known as "the rest of Las Vegas." And so this event shall henceforth be written into the Dark Tangent's Book of DEF CON, Volume 22 - also referred to by some as "the conference program." So say we all.

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DJ Spooky: That Subliminal Kid a.k.a. Paul D. Miller

DEF CON 22 Music Announcement: DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid) a.k.a. Paul D. Miller

A major announcement right here. We're bringing you the legendary DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid), a.k.a. Paul D. Miller. His CV runs deeper than the Mariana trench and is more Renaissance than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles combined. Perhaps originally and best known for his artisinal music crafting (collaborating on projects with Meat Beat Manifest, Slayer, Chuck D.) and turntablism , he's become a university music professor (EGS, Switzerland), author (too much stuff to list), and an executive director of Origin Magazine. He's had his works featured in major museums like the Warhol, The Whitney, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), blahblahblahblah the pseudo-anonymous writer of this announcement could go ad infinitum. The point is, he's attained legendary-levels of awesome, and is coming to DEF CON to drop some hip-hop (perhaps with orchestral accompaniament) on Thursday Night in Track 1 (22:00-23:00)!

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Elite Force image
MC Frontalot image

DEF CON 22 Music Announcement: Elite Force & MC Frontalot!

A favorite from DEF CON XX (he dropped the killer set after The Crystal Method), we're bringing the near-mythical adrenaline-inducing Elite Force back for another sonic pummeling. Many of you may also recognize one of his prior projects, Lunatic Calm, which had music featured on films like The Matrix, Mortal Kombat: Annhilation, Drive, and tooons of others. We're extraordinarily excited to have Elite Force back, and we'll all need to be sure to keep our collective cholesterol levels in check to ensure we can survive his performance. Catch him Saturday night in track 1 (23:00-00:00)!

Another throwback to DEF CON XX, we're bringing back one of the grandmasters of Nerdcore hip-hop, MC FRONTALOT. His prolific lyrical stylings have been proverbially known to knock socks off, so shoes (as always) are encouraged (we'll let sandals slide too). He's also the star of the acclaimed documentary Nerdcore Rising. Catch him Friday night in Track 1 (23:00-00:00), alongside other hard-hitters and partners in nerdcore-crime Dual Core and ytcracker!

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Anamanguchi promo image

DEF CON Entertainment Presents: Anamanaguchi!

Today we announce eccentric retro electro video game chip-tune-inspired dance-rock that is purveyed by ANAMANAGUCHI. Not only is their music video game-inspired, their music actually HAS appeared on video games (like Rockband and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). The real deal! Check 'em out at the Friday festivities in track 1. (set time: 00:00, Saturday AM)!

Also be sure to check out their totally rad and typically incredibly neon music videos:

The Latest

Zebbler image

DEFCON 22 Music Announcement: Zebbler Encanti Experience

Do you remember the giant projection-mapped DEF CON exploded face? Or maybe the dragon installation? Or how about the DEF CON sign installation in the chillout lounge last year? These are the epic works of Zebbler's design team, who have also developed installations for the likes of Shpongle, EOTO, and a number of other class acts. But Zebbler doesn't just excel at design. He also excels, along with his comrade Encanti at music. Together, they form an incredible audiovisual duo that goes by Zebbler Encanti Experience, and they will be purveying this experience to you at DEF CON 22! Take delight in their glorious bassy weirdness at DEF CON's official Saturday evening event in track 1 (set time: 01:00, Sunday) !

Most of their music is free/pay-what-you-can too! Check it out:

The Latest

Last Minute graphic

Calling All Accepted Speakers!

Attention all accepted DEF CON speakers! The deadline for getting your materials in for inclusion on the conference CD is Tuesday, July 15. Pencils down. Pass your paper to Nikita. Thank you.

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Hand dropping mic

Capture the Packet Registration Open!

Registration is now open for those willing to push their Cyber Traffic Analysis skills to the limit, you can compete in the latest Cyber Analytics and Network Forensics Challenge. Now in its fifth year ! Capture the Packet has brought more APT’s, Trojans, Malware, Web and Red team attacks, network issues and sneaky covert channel coms to one event ! Do you know when important data is leaking out of your network and who is doing it - Can you handle the Advanced Persistent Threat ? Can you spot that nasty bug your neighbors workstation contracted from visiting an infected website ? Can you spot a networking configuration issue with routing, spanning tree, BGP or OSPF ? Do you know how to count your IPV6 lucky stars ? Do you speak VOIP, MGCP or H323 ? We welcome everyone to try their hand at the most intense live network traffic analysis and forensic challenge, who knows you could be our next grand finals winner. You must bring your own laptop/computer to compete in this challenge, remember while this is not an attack game, it is a hostile network.


This year, the completion is handled in three Challenging phases:

Pre-Qualifying Rounds Start Thursday August 7th at 1:00pm and End Friday August 8th at 1:00pm
Those that have the highest scores “overall” from all rounds combined, essentially 40 teams will move on to the qualifying rounds

The Qualifying rounds are held starting Friday August 8th at 2:00pm and end on Saturday August 9th at 1:00pm
The top 10 teams from the Qualifying rounds with the highest over-all move on to the finals held on Saturday at 6:00pm

The Final round will consist of the top 10 scoring teams to survive the qualifying rounds,
These 12 teams will compete in a two hour long finals competition to determine the winner

Register your team of two – at, or sign-up onsite.

Capture The Packet will be hosted in the “Packet Hacking Village” at the DEFCON Entrance Area !

The Latest

Hand dropping mic

DEF CON 22 Schedule is LIVE!

Just a little over a month until we rendezvous at the Rio for DEF CON 22! Are you ready? We hear it's eleventy-one degrees there today, so bring weapons-grade sunscreen if you're one of those 'goes outside' kind of hackers.

You'll also want to know who's talking about what and when so you can plan your DEF CON experience. To that end, we proudly present the DEF CON 22 Speaker Schedule! Get yourself familiar, people. The key to maximum DEF CON is maximum planning. Or no planning. The key to maximum DEF CON has been in your heart all along. SCHEDULE IS LIVE!

The Latest

G+ Hangouts Logo

DEF CON’s First Google Hangout!

We’re trying something new. Friday, June 27th at 11am Pacific Time, we’re hosting our first Google Hangout on Air. The guest is Jennifer Granick, DEF CON CFP Review Board member, preeminent hacker defense lawyer and Director of Civil Liberties for the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. The subject is her recent article for Wired regarding the verdict in United States v. Davis and what it could mean for the future of mass surveillance.

If you’ve got good questions about the intersection of law and ‘metadata’ collection, either leave them here in the comments or ask them live at the Hangout tomorrow.

If you’re not following us on Google Plus, the link is here:

Join us, and as always, spread the word.

The Latest

Hand dropping mic

DEF CON 22 CFP Review Board Revealed!

‘This talk is amazing!’ You say this to yourself (inside voices) while watching someone awesome say and demonstrate awesome things. ‘How does DEF CON consistently pick so many great talks? They must have a team of borderline superheroes slogging through hundreds and hundreds of proposals for months! Who could those paragons of determination and insight BE, exactly? How could I learn their handles and perhaps show my appreciation by buying them many beers?’

Here’s an answer key to these questions you’re asking yourself:

1.)This talk probably is amazing. Not really a question.
2.)Lots of caffeine and eyestrain. Also dedication and love.
3.)They do have a team of borderline superheroes, and there is no DEF CON without them.
4.)They are known as the DEF CON CFP Review Board.

You can check out their page here. And maybe show them some love.

The Latest

Hand Dropping microphone

Last round of DEF CON 22 Talks are Live!

This is it. The speaker list for DEF CON 22 is now locked and complete. This means two things: DEF CON is really almost here, and we are now hard at work creating the Tracks and the Schedule (watch this space, buckaroos). We're very proud of the lineup we've assembled, and we think you will find a lot of good stuff to choose from. Whether you're coming to Vegas or not, we'd love it if you'd take some time to check out the speaker list and give us some feedback about what talks have you the most excited.

55 days, people. Get psyched!

New for DC101

Panel - Diversity in Information Security
Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm, Sandy “Mouse” Clark, Kristin Paget, Jolly, Vyrus, and Scott Martin

New Presentations

The Cavalry Year[0] & a Path Forward for Public Safety
Joshua Corman and Nicholas J Percoco

Mass Scanning the Internet: Tips, Tricks, Results
Robert Graham, Paul McMillan, and Dan Tentler

Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes
CJ Heres, Amir Etemadieh, Khoa Hoang, and Mike Baker

Raspberry MoCA - A recipe for compromise
Andrew Hunt

Home Insecurity: No alarms, False alarms, and SIGINT
Logan Lamb

Dark Mail
Ladar Levison and Stephen Watt

Attacking the Internet of Things using Time
Paul McMillan

Open Source Fairy Dust
John Menerick

Generating ROP payloads from numbers
Alexandre Moneger

Panel: Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties
Kurt Opsahl, Nate Cardozo, Mark Jaycox, Yan Zhu, and Eva Galperin

Panel - Surveillance on the Silver Screen- Fact or Fiction?
Nicole Ozer, Kevin Bankston, and Timothy Edgar

Measuring the IQ of your Threat Intelligence feeds
Alex Pinto and Kyle Maxwell

Secure Because Math: A Deep Dive On Machine Learning-Based Monitoring
Alex Pinto

Detecting and Defending Against a Surveillance State
Robert Rowley

Advanced Red Teaming: All Your Badges Are Belong To Us
Eric Smith and Josh Perrymon

The Internet of Fails: Where IoT Has Gone Wrong and How We're Making It Right
Mark Stanislav and Zach Lanier

Domain Name Problems and Solutions
Dr. Paul Vixie

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ascii DEF CON Logo

DEF CON Secret Media Server Project Revealed!


The previously sooper seekret server project has leaked out on the twitter and the face book. No use hiding behind our press secretary any longer, It's better to just admit it and let everyone make up their own minds.

WHAT LEAKED? The Dark Tangent is collecting as much open source security conference footage, training materials, podcasts, white papers, videos, and anything else haxors may be interested in. He plans to make it all available at DEF CON 22 in August and let anyone download it, or even direct HD copy it.


WHAT NOW? A huge burden has been lifted off of DT and he no longer has to live two lives. He can now focus on getting as much content as possible from the community.

That's where you come in.

Send links to content you think everyone should have access to that is related to the hacking and infosec scene somehow. It can be an rss podcast, a .torrent of academic journals, and ftp link to text files, a web site to mirror full of source code, an svn operating system repository, a YouTube channel, whatever!

Send your links in an email to, or tweet them to @thedarktangent and he will start the leeching.

At DEF CON 22 you will be able to get to the gigs in a couple different ways. The con Wi-Fi network (at 802.11g speeds), through wired switches on 1 gig links in different areas, or by bringing your own 4TB SATAII or III hard drive(s).

We will have HD duplicators running all con copying drives for people who just want to drop off a drive and pick it up later.

Please help out with links, and we'll see you at con!

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Crash and Compile Logo

Registration Now Open for Crash and Compile

Do you think you can code? Do think you can code while drinking? We're not talking about coding in the warm safe confines of your cubicle. No, this is programming for sport. It's live competition, against the clock, and the other teams. And we don't make it easy. Have the smarts to solve our programming challenges? Good. We want you to show us that programming is not only about laying down some sweet sweet code, it's about the style in which you do so. Sound fun? We think it is.

Crash And Compile is a ACM-style programming contest crossed with a drinking game, where teams of two people try to solve as many programming problems as they can. As teams compile and run their programs, each time their code fails to compile, produces the incorrect output, or seg-faults, the team must drink. Meanwhile, our lovely Team Distraction will be doing what they can to make the job of programming while intoxicated all the more difficult and/or enjoyable.

Registration is now open. Sign up over at

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Hand Dropping microphone

Big 'Ol Batch of Talks!

It’s getting pretty real, people. The speaker selection process is almost complete, the party and event planning is in full swing - DEF CON 22 is just a little over two months away!

To celebrate, another round of speaker announcements. Twenty-five more abstracts to help you create your DEF CON battle plan. We anticipate one more round of announcements before the roster is locked, but by now you should have a pretty good idea how much good stuff we have on tap.

DEF CON 101 Presentations

Detecting Bluetooth Surveillance Systems
Grant Bugher

Dropping Docs on Darknets: How People Got Caught
Adrian Crenshaw

Is This Your Pipe? Hijacking the Build Pipeline.
Kyle Kelley and Greg Anderson

Home Automation and Defensive Security Measures
Chris Littlebury

Instrumenting Point-of-Sale Malware: A Case Study in Communicating Malware Analysis More Effectively
Wesley McGrew

Android Hacker Protection Level 0
Tim Strazzere and Jon Sawyer


I am a legend: Hacking Hearthstone with machine learning
Elie Bursztein and Celine Bursztein

Hacking US (and UK, Australia, France, etc.) traffic control systems
Cesar Cerrudo

NSA Playset: DIY WAGONBED Hardware Implant over I2C
Josh Datko and Teddy Reed

Check Your Fingerprints: Cloning the Strong Set
Free and Lachesis

Shellcodes for ARM: Your Pills Don't Work on Me, x86
Svetlana Gaivoronski and Ivan Petrov

Blowing up the Celly - Building Your Own SMS/MMS Fuzzer
Brian Gorenc and Matt Molinyawe

Deconstructing the Circuit Board Sandwich: Effective Techniques for PCB Reverse Engineering
Joe Grand (Kingpin)

Panel: Ephemeral Communications: Why and How?
Ryan Lackey, Jon Callas, and Elissa Shevinsky

NinjaTV - Increasing Your Smart TV’s IQ Without Bricking It
Felix Leder

Catching Malware En Masse: DNS and IP Style
Dhia Mahjoub, Thibault Reuille, and Andree Toonk

Old Skewl Hacking: Porn Free!
Major Malfunction

A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces
Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek

Learn how to control every room at a luxury hotel remotely: the dangers of insecure home automation
Jesus Molina

Acquire current user hashes without admin privileges
Anton Sapozhnikov

Impostor — Polluting Tor Metadata
Charlie Vedaa and Mike Larsen

Manna from Heaven: Improving the state of wireless rogue AP attacks
Dominic White and Ian de Villiers

The Open Crypto Audit Project
Kenneth White and Matthew Green

Practical Aerial Hacking & Surveillance
Glenn Wilkinson

Don't Fuck It Up!

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DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Logo

DARPA announces its 2-year Cyber Grand Challenge, Final Tournament at DEF CON 24

The Cyber Grand Challenge asks some simple questions - can you create a fully-automated system to detect, thwart and mitigate network attacks? Can you build one so effective that it can win an all-computer tournament without human intervention? Would you like 2 million dollars?

If you have a great proposal but lack the funds for a 2-year competition, you can pitch DARPA for funding - they’re already backing seven of the registered teams. Teams that survive the quals in June 2015 are eligible to compete in the final tournament at DEF CON in 2016. Grand prize is $2 million dollars.

Competitors will need a dizzying array of skills and an encyclopedic understanding of every form of network kung-fu. They will also need a pretty serious amount of free time, but the winner gets a nice check and an answer to the question of what to put first on a resumé.

We believe that such a team must exist in the DEF CON family. If you think you’re up to the challenge, more information awaits you at the DARPA CGC page.

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From Dusk til con logo

Submissions Now Open for 'From Dusk Til Con'

You’ve had the thought: “DEF CON is super fun, but how much cooler would this be if there was a little corner devoted to my weird niche interest?” ‘From Dusk Til Con’ is your chance to realize that overly specific dream.  Got a mini-village idea? Want to run an Inception style Con-within-the Con? Want to play strip Settlers of Cataan? Shoot us your ideas for themed mini-events on the Crawl and we’ll make the best ones happen.

Find out more and how to submit at:


Vendor vending

DEF CON 22 Vendor FAQ and App is Now Live!

Attention Entreprenerds!

DEF CON 22’s Vendor Area is a great opportunity to get your geek-centric product in front of a highly focused, upwardly mobile and possibly drunk audience of over 10,000 vacationing tech enthusiasts. Share your business with people passionate about technology, make sales, even make friends.

To sign up, head over to the vendor site, read the FAQ and get the forms filled out. Don’t delay - August is closer than you think.

Call for Services

DEF CON Call for Services comic

NEW! Announcing the DEF CON 22 Call for Services!

Got something cool to share on the DEF CON network during DC22? Could be almost anything - a game, a stash of vintage K-Rad textfiles, whatever you think Con goers might wanna download. Submit your idea online, and if it's approved you'll get a couple of bonded gig ports and some promotion in the program and on the site. Sharing is kinda our thing - and we're counting on you to add some fun content. Apply today. Operators are standing by.*

* actual operator count may be as low as zero.