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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Privacy Policy

I want to be up-front with what happens to the information that is gathered when you interact with DEF CON. The only source of personal information that is collected comes from the web server logs, snail mail, and e-mail we recieve. The web logs collect all the usual information. Below is what we do with this information.

This policy might change periodically to reflect new services we offer or changes in the law.

What we do:

  • Store the log files electronically
  • Analyze the logs with web tools looking at usage patterns and trends
  • Use the logs to decide what pages are more popular than others
  • Store the e-mail we recieve and sometimes respond to the better written ones
  • Store written snail mail for a few months. This is because poeple have been known to send in checks for merchandise, and then have their checks bounce.

What we don't do:

  • Sell the web log files to anyone
  • Sell the e-mail address to anyone
  • Turn over web logs to anyone without a legal court order
  • Turn over the content of e-mail to anyone without a legal court order
  • Turn over the snail mail to anyone without a legal court order