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DEF CON 27 Call for Villages!

DEF CON 27 call for villages image

It’s officially DEF CON 27 Open Call season, and we have a nice big one for you today: the Call for Villages is officially open!

Did you look at last year’s 20+ villages and say to yourself, “You know what Village they really need”? Have you been sitting on an idea you know could change the Village game? This is your moment. Share it with us, and if we agree with you we’ll help you make it happen.

A word to the wise, however. The Villages are a lot of work. They require a lot of planning and thinking through, and a lot of personnel support. If you want a chance at getting your idea on, it’s in your interest not to wait until the deadline. The sooner you get in touch, the more we can help. Procrastinating entrants will be fighting for limited space and limited attention from the team making the decisions. Don’t let that be you.

The rules and regulations are available online, and our operators are standing by. Get your ideas together, assemble your team and let’s do this one big.

That rumble you’re feeling? It’s the DEF CON machinery coming online for 2019. Feel free to get psyched.

DEF CON 27 Call for Music!

DEF CON 27 call for music image

Attention, singers of songs, players of instruments and spinners of records, both real and imaginary!

The DEF CON 27 Call for Music is live, and your services are urgently required. DC27 has a great deal of space, and where possible we want to fill it with music and merriment. If you’ve got the requisite crowd-moving skills, we want to hear from you. Thousands of hackers are depending on you to bring the beats - do not let them down.

Your move, bards and troubadours.

DEF CON 27 Call for Contests & Events is Live!

DEF CON 27 call for contests image

Happy 2019, everyone! The DEF CON 27 train is picking up speed, and today’s milestone is the Call for Contests and Events!

If you want to host a new Contest or Event or renew an ongoing, you have until March 1 to get your proposal emailed to contests[at] For a list of the questions you’re required to answer, head over to

Don’t procrastinate - March 1 will get here faster than you think, and the more time we have, the more chance we can work with you to get your proposal over the finish line.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking. Let’s light this candle!

DEF CON 27 Theme guide!

DEF CON 27 Theme guide image

Tidings of comfort and joy, luminous humans of DEF CON! It’s almost 2019, which means we’re that much closer to DC27.

In anticipation, we’ve created a little 'Technology’s Promise' ePub with homework assignments for the eager, and color and style suggestions for those of you looking to create themed content.

There will be plenty more prompts and inspirations in the coming days, but we encourage you dig in and start preparing. Marinate.

As always, we thank the whole community for the love and enthusiasm you bring to all things DEF CON. We love you right back. Big things are brewing, y’all. Let’s get it underway!

DEF CON 27 Theme!

DEF CON 27 Theme image

Preparations are well underway for DEF CON 27. Meetings are being met, plans are being planned, and the theme is ready for its unveiling.

DEF CON 26 was about the inflection point between disorder and dystopia - the moment before point of no return. This year's theme, in a way, responds to '1983' with new questions. What does it look like when we make the better choice? What kind of world do we hack together in the sunniest timeline? How does our real best-case scenario compare to the future we've been dreaming of for generations?

So, we offer you 'Technology's Promise'. It's a break from the dystopian imagery into a major-key, blue-sky thoughtscape, full of color and light. It's a future where we have tamed some of the more intractable problems that plague us in the present, where technology supports and inspires instead of controlling and surveilling.

To get you in the proper mindset, here's some media to sample:

Star Trek TOS - because the series is based on a future Earth that has learned to manage itself, make working alliances with neighbors and turn its attention to the disciplined exploration of the broader universe. Also LCARS is still cool.

Asimov's Robot series - a future where humankind has built AI android tech that supports rather than supplants humanity, and (usually) behaves itself admirably.

BioShock - a genuinely thought-provoking game about the promises and limits of tech-based utopia.

Kraftwerk, Com Truise, Tangerine Dream - the beautiful sounds of our neon future, rendered in the gorgeously synthesized tones that can only come from the fruitful marriage of human and machine.

We'll be posting more of this as DC27 approaches. Lots more. This is going to be fun.

Join us, won't you?

Audio of the DEF CON 26 Talks is Live with Torrent!

audio archive image

It's November - the height of sweater season here at the DEF CON Central Office. It's a perfect time to find a cozy corner and treat yourself to a steaming mug of hacker knowledge. To that end, we've placed the audio files from DEF CON 26 on the media server for you to sample at your leisure. Please enjoy, and share a cup with anyone you think could use a little seasonal cheer.

Blue Team and Car Hacking Villages Video are Live on YouTube!

video archive image

Please enjoy this playlist of DEF CON 26 presentations from the brand new Blue Team Village. You can learn more about the BTV at, and if defense is your jam, consider getting involved.

You can also earn a bit about the promise and peril of connected automobiles with this Car Hacking Village playlist. As always, share the love.

You can find out more about the fine folks who put together the CHV at

Enjoy, remember to share, and stay tuned for more Village presentations!