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v.12 • 2004 • July 30- August 1 • Alexis Park • Las Vegas, NV

General Info

Submission deadline: June 1 for ALL submissions
Only completed CFP Submission Forms will be considered for the con.

Submit all entries to: talks\at\defcon dot org

Remuneration: Speakers get in to the show free, get paid $200 (AFTER they give a good presentation!), get a coolio Speaker badge, and people like you more. Heck, most people find it is a great way to meet people or find other people interested in their topics.

Things to remember:

  • We do not cover hotel or travel costs
  • If you do not provide a final presentation in electronic format by the specified due date, you will not be paid
  • Speakers are paid 30 days from the end of the conference (remember to provide your infos when you check in) OR may trade in their honorarium for 3 DEFCON Human badges.

Please read the following information.

Defcon 12 CFP

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for DEFCON TWELVE, the niftiest thing to hit the computer world since the zero and the one. DEFCON will take place at the Alexis Park, in Las Vegas, NV, USA July 30-August 1, 2004.

Now is the time to prepare and submit your DEFCON presentation.

This year we are removing the artificial restrictions created by 'tracks', allowing your imagination to be your only limitation. 

What are we looking for then, if we don't have tracks? We are looking for the presentation that you've never seen before and have always wanted to see. We are looking for the presentation that the con-goer wouldn't ask for, but blows their minds when they attend it.

We are looking for and always give preference to: unique research, new tool releases, 'Ø day' attacks, highly technical material, social commentaries, pretty pictures, and groundbreaking material of any kind. 

Subject matters that we have traditionally covered in the past and will continue to accept papers on include: trojans, worms, malware, intelligent agents, protocol exploits, application security, web security, database hacking, privacy issues, criminal law, civil law, international law/treaties, prosecution perspectives, 802.11X, bluetooth, cellular telephony protocols, privacy, identify theft, identity creation, fraud, social implications of technology, media/film presentations, firmware hacking, hardware hacking, embedded systems hacking, smartcard technologies, credit card and financial instrument technologies, surveillance, countersurveilance, UFO's, peer2peer technologies, reputation systems, copyright infringement, anti-copyright infringement enforcement and technologies, critical infrastructure issues, physical security, social engineering, academic security research, PDA and cell phone security, EMP/HERF weaponry, TEMPEST technologies, corporate espionage, IDS and IDS evasion. This list is not intended to limit possible topics, merely to give examples of topics that have interested us in the past. 

This year we are also introducing the Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight: A Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight is a shorter presentation (about twenty minutes) that doesn't warrant a full 50 minute talk. The Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight is designed for those who don't have enough material for a full talk, but still have a valuable contribution to make. This is to ensure that great ideas that can be presented quickly don't fall through the cracks merely because they didn't justify a full length talk. Examples of a Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight include research, announcements, group presentations, projects needing volunteers or testers, requests for comments, updates on previously given talks, quick demonstrations, et cetera. Presenters will get a speaker badge which entitles them to  free admittance to DEFCON, but we will be unable to pay a Honorarium for the Twelve Hundred Second Spotlight.

Remember being attacked by flying meat? Do you remember thick accented Germans trying to convince you to attack critical infrastructures from printers?  Do you remember extravagant vaporware releases by a stage filled with posses?  We do, and sans projectile raw meat, we want to encourage such shenanigans again this year.  We are calling on all “hacker groups” (you know who you are, and the FBI already has a nifty file with your name on it) to present at DEFCON, to discuss what you're up to, what your mission is, to discuss any projects upcoming or past you are working on, and to discuss parties/conferences you are throwing.  We do humbly request that all gang warfare be relegated to electronic attacks, and not fall over into meatspace.

To submit a speech, complete the CFP FORM.

We are going to continue last year's goal of increasing the quality of the talks by screening people and topics. I realize you guys are speaking for basically free, but some talks are better than others. Some people put in a bit more effort than others. I want to reward the people who do the work by making sure there is room for them.

After completed CFP form is received speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the last minute, but don't deviate from your accepted presentation.

Talks that are more technical or reveal new vulnerabilities are of more interest than a review of firewall technologies and will be given more consideration, as will original content or research that have been created for DEFCON and has not been seen before.

If you are selected we will mail you with information on deadlines for when we need your presentation to be burnt on the CDROM as well as information for the printed program.

We can accommodate most any request if it enhances your presentation. Current tools made available to speakers include LCD projectors, overhead projectors, and slide projectors.

This year there may be up to two LCD projectors in a session. If your talk requires any sort of demonstration we encourage you to set up a network and have each machine projecting on one of the LCDs. Audience members will be able to follow along what is occurring on each node as the talks progress, or the speaker may provide different information on different screen, etc.

This year the 802.11b network will extend to the speaking areas, so if you need to include net access to your presentation, plan on bringing a WI FI card, or asking for wired (10Bt) network access. Ensure that you bring a VGA compliant equipment (for the projectors), and any machines that you need to demonstrate with.

Please forward any additional resource questions to talks\at\defcon dot org. Accepted presenters will be subscribed to a mailing list that includes the other conference speakers in an attempt to allow a level of collaboration between presentations.


  • Speakers get in to the show free
  • get paid (AFTER they give a good presentation!) or can trade in their honorarium for 3 DEFCON Human badges
  • get a coolio Speaker badge
  • and people like you more. Heck, most people find it is a great way to meet people or find other people interested in their topics.

Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing lists and this web site.

DEFCON TWELVE  will take place at the Alexis Park, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA July 30 - August 1, 2004.

Thank you for your time. Any questions please email The Dark Tangent, CFP Submission Form should get mailed to talks\at\defcon dot org

The Dark Tangent
Organizer, DEFCON

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