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I. The BCCC - "Beverage" Cooling Contraption Contest


III. For generations humanity has had the ability to quickly and conveniently heat food and beverages... either with microwave ovens, exothermic chemical packs, or simple open flames. Such a convenience has never been at mankind's disposal, however, with respect to cooling one's consumable goods outside of the reach of civilization.

The BCCC is a competition in which participants attempt to take a room temperature 12 ounce canned beverage and pour it through a self sufficient device that rapidly chills the liquid and deposits it into a glass for immediate consumption. Participating teams attempt to design portable contraptions that are simple yet effective, functional yet robust, elegant yet inexpensive.

Essentailly, this contest tries to address the question, "If i were holding a six-pack while stranded in a desert climate with no electrical outlet or convenience stores nearby, what type of device would i want to have with me?"

IV. contest logo artwork in multiple file formats...

V. Rules and guidelines for this contest fall into three main categories...

1. general parameters
1.1 competing teams should consist entirely of badge-wearing
DefCon attendees and should not exceed three people 1.2 teams will be tasked with cooling a 12 oz canned beverage in the quickest and most creative way possible 1.4 all contestant beverages will be of similar consistency and have the same starting temp, but exactly what their temperature will be is not completely predictable since we will be setting up outside and working during an uncertain time frame

2. specific requirements
2.1 players' target time limit for cooling will be two minutes
2.2 the target temperature will be 38 degrees F, but players should attempt to not excessively overcool their beverage (designs that produce slushy drinks or icy mixtures may be penalized)
2.3 all devices must be entirely self-sufficient (in particular, they should not require use of an electrical outlet)
2.4 contraptions that appear to have cost an exhorbitant amount to construct will be frowned upon

3. other judging points
3.1 players should be mindful of flavor tainting and seek to not impart a metallic taste or other off-notes to their beverage
3.2 excess head which does not settle into the output glass as well as any splillover will result in penalties, as the point of the contest is to cool an entire 12 oz. drink
3.3 size, practicality, and power consumption of designs will be given consideration
3.4 the environmental impact of all designs will be relevant (for example... don't vent an assoload of freon coolant into the air)
3.5 naturally, creative thinking will be highly rewarded
3.6 bonus points may be awarded for aesthetic characteristics of a contraption

... these rules are all listed on the contest's main page, as well.