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Riviera Hotel & Casino on-line room registration.


Discussions, latest contest updates, news and more may be found on the DEFCON Forums.


Got questions? Read the FAQ.


This letter serves as the the initial call for information for your specific contest. Due to the change in venue, a change in contest space, and a constantly evolving conference agenda; I need you to provide the following pieces of information as soon as possible. These are required to ensure proper scheduling of events, address security concerns, ensure adequate space layout for each contest, and that these contests will actually be held.

  1. Level of participation (How many attendees do you think might participate in this event?)
  2. Space requirements (What is the minimum amount of space you need to run this event?)
  3. Hours of operation (Will you be active throughout the conference? 4 hours a day?)
  4. Prize Expectations (How will you provide prizes for the attendees or is this "bragging rights" only?)
  5. Security Expectations (What security requirement do you expect for your contest area?)
  6. Where are the contest rules posted and when will they be posted?
  7. Full contact information for the contest POC.
  8. If you have a sponsor (be careful with this one), please provide information on who that sponsor is.

*** I need this information, along with a full write up on your contest no later than May 15th. It takes time to create the printed materials for Defcon. If you don't have your information to me in time, you will NOT be included in the printed materials. ***

With that said, there are some things you need to be aware of right now. Black badges WILL NOT be given as prizes to all contest winners. Period. There is no argument about this. The "cool factor" of winning a black badge is that not everyone has one. Bear that in mind. I do not approve the contests that will receive a black badge, so don't ask. It's a panel of leadership at the conference. We will let you know if your event will be receiving the black badge as a prize. If you don't hear from us, assume you will NOT be getting one.

The success of your event depends directly on your energy in organizing and promoting the event. Do not depend on word of mouth or your website alone to generate interest in your contest. We've seen some great ideas end up in the toilet because people never put the energy in to their event.

I will be your primary point of contact for the contest area and all contest scheduling. Questions, comments and concerns should be directed to me immediately. If you wait until the last minute to approach me with issues, they'll likely not be resolved. This should be a great year for us and I wish you all the best with your event.

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