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POC: Chris
chris [at] defcon [dot] org

Interested your wares in selling at the con? Review the Vendor FAQ.

Vendor Area Floorplan coming soon

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Blacklisted411

Blacklisted 411, the official hackers magazine. Established over 20 years ago in October of 1983 as the first disk based hacker underground magazine (e-zine), Blacklisted 411 has become not only one of the oldest of the hacker quarterlies available today, but has positioned itself as the top selling print magazine in its market.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Boblbee

By combining extreme funcytionality, daring designs and advanced ergonomics, BOBLBEE is helping active, highly mobile people get even more out of life. They have a wide collection of unique back packs for your laptop that blow those boring wimpy bags away!

DEFCON 14 Vendor: BreakPoint Books

BreakPoint Books is the official DEFCON bookseller. Come by for booksignings, and to get the latest books on security.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: J!NX

DJ Jackalope has been rockin' DefCon since DC7 with her hard beats and random acts of fun. She will have cds, shirts, hats, and a few surprises with her for you to take home. She will be playing at the Black and White Ball.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: EFF

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit group of passionate people—lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries—working to protect your digital rights. EFF is a donor-funded nonprofit and depends on your support to continue successfully defending your digital rights. Litigation is particularly expensive; because two-thirds of their budget comes from individual donors, every contribution is critical to helping EFF fight—and win—more cases. The EFF will have a Membership Booth and fundraiser at DefCon, check them out.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: J!NX

E-Teknet is a complete resource for PCB, PCBA (PCB assembly) and thick film hybrid circuits including manufacturing, engineering design, assembly, equipment boxes/cases and final product testing from prototypes to mass production. Our PCB manufacturing is ISO9002 certified and our PCB assembly and thick film hybrid manufacturing is ISO9001 certified.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Irvine Underground is a group of people located in and around Irvine, California and the major Orange County area. Orange County has had many gatherings for 2600 such as oc2600. This doesn't replace the group it is its own entity with members from all walks of the wood from 2600, BlackListed!411, Iron Feather Journal and phone Phreaking groups. In short it's a monthly hackers' gathering with the occasional unplanned additional get together, parties, and trips.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: J!NX

DC veterans know that J!NX has been making swag for hackers, gamers and geeks since DEF CON 8, and it's not stopping any time soon. Stop by the J!NX booth and grab the hot sellers and official DEF CON swag before we run out. You might like being naked at DEF CON, but when you leave, you're going to need T-shirts. We got your fix.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: MECO

Uncle Ira, the original "Techno-pimp", returns with more wares, gadgets and electronic stuff from the Fun Farm O' Death.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Media Archives

Media Archives specializes in audio and video production at technology-related conferences throughout the country. We offer Complete Recording Packages including Conference Recording Services, On-Site DVD Duplication and Sales.

Ninja Networks


Don't know what to say. That's really all I know unless you want a legions synopsis, then I have plenty cause I love those guys.

"The world famous Legions of the Underground consists of members from around the world. Started in 1994, the LoU has seen it's share of ups and downs, and it has had many members come and go. One thing remains, and that is the common bond between members to enjoy computers, networking, and life. The LoU has many credits to it's name, such as helping define cyberwarfare, and publicizing hacktivism, but the group has grown past that. >From charity work to professional expertise, the LoU has been there, done that, and forged ahead."

DEFCON 14 Vendor: is intended as a resource for anyone interested in Rainbow Tables, password cracking, password complexity testing, password auditing, and Information Technology related security assessments and audits. In addition to tutorials and guides, thier site provides Rainbow Tables for sale supporting many different algorithm types.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Root Compromise

Root Compromise will be selliing their kickass T-shirt

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Shadowvex

Shadowvex sells Defcon 14 mens and womens shirts and hoodies. As well as music, stickers and other nick-hacks. If you like the music playing in the vending area, we have it for sale at this booth. Stop by and ask about our friday night skybox party!

DEFCON 14 Vendor: The Sound of Knowledge

Sound of Knowledge... buy audio and video of past and present con material.

Tim Huynh

Seling custom t-shirts

DEFCON 14 Vendor: UAT

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a private college in Tempe, AZ created especially for the technophiles of the world. With an existing on-campus population of over 1,000 students and an online community of approximately 250, UAT’s resilience in nurturing our community is met with unparalleled fervor. Our geek-centric student population is taught to be innovators of the future through the wielding and manipulation of technology. UAT offers accredited degrees with majors in Network Security, Computer Forensics, Information Security, Artificial Life Programming, Software Engineering, and many others.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: UNIX Surplus

UnixSurplus. They specialize in custom configured Sun Microsystems servers. They have a complete stock of upgrades for everything from the Latest Sun Ultra to your Sparc 5.

DEFCON 14 Vendor: Wardriving World

Everything you need for war driving kits, cantennas, all kinds of WiFi gear and loads more!

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