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DEF CON 25 Hacking Conference



breakpoint books logo

Breakpoint Books

Stop by and browse the wide selection of security-related books on display this weekend. The latest and greatest books available in the industry also include books authored by Def Con presenters. Check out the wide selection of games available – strategy, card, dice, and deck-building. Buy a game and start playing today.

bump my lock logo

Bump My Lock

Bump keys, lock picks and training tools. Bump My Lock has served thousands of customers worldwide since 2007. If we don't have it at the booth, go to our site Free demonstrations and training at our booth.

Bump My Lock is celebrating our 6th year at DEFCON by showcasing our own line of lock picks!! This year, we will feature our Black Diamond sets and our Ruby sets. So come see us for all your Lock Pick Sets, Bump Keys, Clear Practice Locks, Jackknife Pick Sets, Hackware, and more.

Need more help? We have a vast number of articles and videos on lock picking on our blog or your tube channel. If you are a beginner or a master locksmith we have the tools for you.

As always, a percentage of our proceeds will go to the Miracle Match Foundation.

Long live Barcode!

capitol technology university logo

Capitol Technology University

Capitol Technology University, located in Laurel Maryland, offers degrees in engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, and business. Offering online certificates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which includes a master's in astronautical engineering.  As well as doctoral programs in cybersecurity and management and decision sciences. Capitol is regionally accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges.

eff logo


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. We defend free speech on the Internet, fight illegal surveillance, support freedom-enhancing technologies, promote the rights of digital innovators, and work to ensure that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are enhanced, rather than eroded, as our use of technology grows. Stop by our table to find out more, pick up some gear, or even support EFF as an official member.

ghettogeeks logo

Ghetto Geeks

Well we're back at it again, and have been working hard all year to bring you the freshest awesome that we can. If you have been to DEF CON, layerone, toorcon, phreaknic, or other conferences we have been at, you definitely know what so of shenanigans we are up to. If you have never seen us, feel free to come by and take a look at what we have to offer.

Always fun, always contemporary, GhettoGeeks has some for the tech enthusiast (or if you prefer, hacker)

breakpoint books logo

Gunnar Optiks

GUNNAR Optiks is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. Our premium computer eyewear defends eyes from the effects of digital eye strain which can include; dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, eye fatigue, altered Circadian Rhythms, and insomnia. End the pain of DIGITAL EYE STRAIN.

hacker boxes logo

Hacker Boxes

HackerBoxes is the subscription box service for DIY electronics and hardware hacking. Each monthly HackerBox includes a carefully curated collection of projects, components, modules, tools, supplies, and exclusive items. HackerBox Hackers are electronics hobbyists, makers, hardware hackers, and computer enthusiasts. Many connect through social media channels to create a community of experience, support, and ideas. Let's see what you make with your HackerBoxes.

hackers for charity logo

Hackers for Charity

Hackers for Charity is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists. We solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide equipment, job training and computer education to the world's poorest citizens.

hacker warehouse logo

Hacker Warehouse

HACKER WAREHOUSE is your one stop shop for hacking equipment. We understand the importance of tools and gear which is why we carry only the highest quality gear from the best brands in the industry. From WiFi Hacking to Hardware Hacking to Lock Picks, we carry equipment that all hackers need. Check us out at

hak5 logo


Complete your Hacking Arsenal with tools from Hak5 - makers of the infamous WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky, and newly released LAN Turtle. The Hak5 crew, including hosts Darren Kitchen, Shannon Morse and Patrick Norton, are VENDING ALL THE THINGS and celebrating 10 year of Hak5! Come say EHLO and check out our sweet new tactical hacking gear! Everything from WiFi Hot-Spot Honey-Pots to Keystroke Injection tools, Software Defined Radios and Covert LAN Hijackers are available at the Hak5 booth.

hrf logo

Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. HRF unites people in the common cause of defending human rights and promoting liberal democracy. Its mission is to ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted around the world.

keyport logo


Keyport® combines keys, pocket tools, & smart tech into one everyday multi-tool. This year we are bringing our brand new modular product line including the Keyport Slide 3.0 & Keyport Pivot (holds your existing keys), along with our new tech & tool modules which includes a Pocketknife, Bluetooth Locator, and Mini-Flashlight. Sign up for our new Maker Program and design/hack/build you’re own compatible Keyport modules. Don’t forget to bring your keys to the vendor area!

no starch press logo

No Starch Press

Thanks to you, we’ve been publishing great books for hackers since 1994; each one still handcrafted like a good bottle of bourbon. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and our books tackle topics that people care about. We read and edit everything we publish—titles like The Car Hacker's Handbook, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Black Hat Python, Teach Your Kids to Code, and more. Everything in our booth is 30% off (maybe a little more) and all print purchases include DRM-free ebooks. We've got new swag and samples of forthcoming titles like Game Hacking, Gray Hat C#, and Rootkits and Bootkits.

nuand logo


Nuand develops Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms for students, hobbyists, and professionals. Their main offering, the bladeRF, is a versatile USB 3.0 device that provides a 300 MHz to 3.8 GHz tuning range, full duplex operation, 12-bit samples at up to 40 MSPS, and an instantaneous bandwidth up to 28 MHz. This device has found a home in application domains including GSM and LTE base stations, digital television, GPS simulation, medical imaging research, and wireless security. Check out their booth to see demos and learn more!

pwnie express logo

Pwnie Express

Pwnie Express provides the industry’s only solution for continuous detection, identification and classification of wireless, wired and Bluetooth devices putting organizations at risk. Connected devices in the enterprise represent one of the fastest growing threats, unaddressed by existing security solutions. The Pwnie Express SaaS platform, Pulse, provides complete device coverage, including employee owned (BYOx), rogue and company-owned devices across the entire enterprise, including remote sites. To learn more about Pwnie Express visit

Founded in Vermont in 2010 to leverage and build upon the power of open source security projects, Pwnie Express monitoring software and pentesting sensors are in use by more than 1,500 companies globally. From Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and security service providers, Pwnie Express bolsters their security programs, while also help companies meet compliance requirements. Pwnie remains dedicated to creating game-changing products and services for our customers and the global InfoSec community to improve the security of our Internet-connected world.

rapid7 logo


Rapid7 cybersecurity analytics software and services reduce threat exposure and detect compromise for 4,150 organizations, including 34% of the Fortune 1000. From the endpoint to cloud, we provide comprehensive real-time data collection, advanced correlation, and unique insight into attacker techniques to fix critical vulnerabilities, stop attacks, and advance security programs.

security snobs logo

Security Snobs

Security Snobs offers High Security Mechanical Locks and Physical Security Products including door locks, padlocks, cutaways, security devices, and more. We feature the latest in security items including top brands like Abloy, BiLock, EVVA, KeyPort, Mobeye, Anchor Las, and Sargent and Greenleaf. Visit for our complete range of products. Stop by to see the new and coming soon products in high security and con specials!

serepick logo


Manufacturer of Lock Picks & COVERT ENTRY TOOLS

With the largest selection of lock picks, covert entry and SERE tools available at DEF CON it¹s guaranteed we will have gear you have not seen before. New tools and classics will be on display and available for sale in a hands on environment. Our Product range covers Custom Titanium toolsets, Entry Tools, Practice locks, Bypass tools, Urban Escape & Evasion hardware and items that until recently were sales restricted. SPARROWS LOCK PICKS and TOOLS will be displaying a full range of gear including their newly released Core Shims., Sandman and Lock Outs.  The WOLF will also be available to the public for the first time in limited quantities. All products will be demonstrated at various times and can be personally tested for use and efficacy.

shadowvex logo

shadowvex logo


Shadowvex Industries (SVX) - more than 20 years of pouring blood, sweat & gears into hacker-relevant, limited edition clothing, DJ mixes, stickers, buttons, art prints and more. Miss DJ Jackalope, aka DEFCON's  resident DJ mixtress, has been teaming up with us for more than a decade with her own DJ mixes and awesome swag. Follow the music in the vending area to find our booth! If you want to bring home your piece of DEFCON history, you need to get here early - our year-specific designs are only available @DEFCON and only while supplies last!

simple wifi logo

Simple WiFi

For PenTesting and unwired Internet Security Specialists: Wireless, WiFi antennas, cables, connectors, USB and Ethernet wireless high power cards and devices, other interesting goodies to be seen only at the table! And new design T-shirts.

toool logo


The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is back as always, offering a wide selection of tasty lock goodies for both the novice and master lockpicker! A variety of commercial picks, handmade picks, custom designs, practice locks, handcuffs, cutaways, and other neat tools will be available for your perusing and enjoyment! Stop by our table for interactive demos of this fine lockpicking gear or just to pick up a T-shirt and show your support for locksport.

All sales exclusively benefit TOOOL, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can purchase picks from many fine vendors, but ours is the only table where you know that 100% of your money goes directly back to the hacker community.

University of Advancing Technology logo

University of Advancing Technology

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a private university located in Tempe, Arizona, offering academic degrees focused on new and emerging technology disciplines. UAT offers a robust suite of regionally accredited graduate and undergraduate courses ranging from Computer Science and Information Security to Gaming and New Media. UAT has been designated as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Systems Security Education by the US National Security Agency. Programs are available online and on-campus.

unicorn logo

360 Unicorn Team

360 Security Research Innovation Alliance consists of many teams, UnicornTeam, RocTeam and PegasusTeam are among them, each team boosts many brilliant researchers in their corresponding field of focus.

UnicornTeam is focusing on wireless security they assess the security of anything that uses radio technologies, from small things like RFID, NFC and WSN to big things like GPS, UAV, Smart Cars, Telecom and SATCOM. They have presented their researches at premier security conferences like Blackhat, DEFCON, HITB, CanSecWest, RuxCon, POC, SyScan360 etc.

RocTeam is focusing on hardware security research and the R&D of hardwares that can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, they built many hardware security gadgets.

PegasusTeam is focusing on wireless intrusion prevention, wireless threat sensing and wireless penetration test. They have designed and built ‘MianYangQiang’ to demonstrate the threats of public WIFI, wireless honeypot, wireless intrusion prevention system ‘360TianXun’ which have been widely deployed city wide and in enterprises.

unix surplus logo

Unix Surplus

"Home of the $99 1U Server"
1260 La Avenida St Mountain View, CA 94043
Toll Free: 877-UNIX-123 (877-864-9123)

vendor alt logo

Women in Security and Privacy

Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the development, advancement, and inclusion of women in security and privacy. We have five main objectives:

Education: help women identify and achieve the level of education and skills required to succeed in security and privacy positions across multiple industries

Mentoring & Networking: foster a community for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, mentoring, and networking

Advancement: support the career advancement of women in security and privacy

Leadership: increase thought leadership by women in security and privacy

Research: conduct independent research related to recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in security and privacy.