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DEF CON Nine will be July 13th - 15th, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA
DEF CON is an annual computer underground party for hackers held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It has been held every summer for the past eight years.  Over those years it has grown in size, and attracted people from all over the planet.  People attend to meet others into hacking, hang out with old friends, listen to new speeches or just hack on the network.  That's what it is all about in a nutshell.  Meeting other people and learning something new.  Last year over 4,200 people showed up.  That makes us (Currently) the largest hacking convention on the planet.

We are not trying to teach you to learn how to hack in a weekend, but what we are trying to do is create an environment where you can hang out with people from all different backgrounds. All of them interested in the same thing, computer security.  To do this we have taken over the complete hotel at the Alexis Park Resort.  Does all of this seem interesting?  Then it can be yours for the low low price of only $50 at the door.

This year I will continue the trend of trying to get more technical talks, as well as more demonstrations.  Some people don't care for the talks, choosing instead to spend their time meeting new people.  I still think the talks are the center of the con, and by making the talks better the whole con will improve.  As the con grows, and more people get into computer hacking, it has changed.  While we are not sure what it will change into this year, I do know it will be different than last year. 

I realize that the description is a bit vague.  If you want a greater idea of what it is all about, and what other people have had to say about the convention, please visit the previous year's archives sections and read what the media and attendees have had to say.  Or just browse these pages and see if anything seems cool to you.

Note: Last year things got a bit tight, so for this year we are adding an additional 8,000 square feet of air conditioned space on the roof.  This should help seat another 700 people for speeches.

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News and Updates
  • This year we are opening up Thursday afternoon, with speaking starting Friday.
  • The DEF CON Jump was added to the events page!
  • 07/06/01 Media Rules Updated / Finalized
  • 07/04/01 Speakers page updated
  • 07/04/01 Schedule updated
  • 07/03/01 Events updated - Capture the Flag hack disk image now on-line. Spot the Fed rules added
  • Bring your 802.11b network card for our wireless network.
  • There will be ASL interpreters present for specific talks.  Email dt at defcon d0t org if you need this service.
  • The new slogan page is now set up at
  • Location & Hotel Rooms
    The Convention will be held at the Alexis Park Hotel and Resort

    Check out the Hotel Grounds map.
    Teklord Also has some pictures from inside the hotel posted here.
    Boogah187 and Queeg did a stealth recon of the hotel, and their picutres are here.
    Grifter has some pictures here.

    The Alexis Park Hotel and Resort is across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, and is a block off the main strip.   Located at 375 East Harmon Ave in Las Vegas, NV 89109.  The Alexis Park is a non gambling hotel, so people 18 years and older can get a room there.

    NOTE: The Alexis Park is Sold Out!
    NOTE: The San Tropez is sold out!
    NOTE: Amersuites ((702) 369-3366) is sold out!
    NOTE: The Embasy Suites is sold out! (702) 795-2800

    Marriott Residence Hughes Center (702) 650-0040 address is 370 Hughes Center Drive Las Vegas Nevada 89109.  The rate is $90.00 room rate up to four in the room.

    Holiday Inn Emerald Springs, 325 East Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 732-9100

    Crowne Plaza, 4255 S. Paradise, Las Vegas, NV  89109 (702)369-4400

    We are trying to work out a hotel shuttle between the hotels and Alexis PArk so people don't have to sweat it out walking to the con hotel.  More soon.

    This year we are opening up Thursday afternoon, with speaking starting Friday.

    Many people get in Thursday and hang out before the fun begins, so we decided to open things up a bit earlier so people can hang out before the main show starts.  We get our convention room rate from Wednesday night through Monday night for those wanting to stay longer to check out the attractions.

    Stuff to Bring
    What you will wear to the Black & White Ball.
    Wave Lan cards to connect to the wireless network.
    Spare cross over cables for 10Bt.
    Something to hold water in.
    Cards you can give people you meet so they can keep in touch with you.
    Sunglasses, suntan lotion, water.
    Munchies and drinks for when you are stuck in a good talk,but are hungry.
    Hand Held Tranceiver to chat on the DEF CON radio network.
    A large bag with a lock, so you can protect your stuff if people crash in your room.
    Your digital camera.
    Your PC or laptop to plug into the challenge network.
    Asprin & Pepto for after all those long nights.
    Your PGP key.
    Flyers for whatever band / show / software / group you want to promote.
    Stuff to donate to the prize giveaways.
    Sunscreen and a bathing suit.
    Something to take notes on.
    CD ROM burner to swap discs with people.
    Game consoles for your room.
    Your IR Palm Pilot to geek out with.
    Portable radio to listen to the DEF CON pirate radio station.
    What you would wear to a rave.
    Your 802.11b wireless network gear.