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DEF CON China 2.0 Hacking Conference



CFP 中文

What: DEF CON CHINA 2.0 Call For Papers
When: The Call for Papers deadline is 03 February 2020.
Where: DEF CON CHINA 2.0 will take place at 751D Park Art District in Beijing, China  17 - 19 April, 2020
How: Complete the Call for Papers Form and send to talks at defcon dot org.

Special Notes:

DEF CON will provide hotel accommodations and up to $900 USD for international airfare reimbursement. Local speakers will be provided a maximum of ¥3000 Yuan in travel reimbursement. Unless you have an APEC travel card, or passports from Brunei, Japan, San Marino or Singapore; you will need a visa. Contact us as soon as possible with your full passport details and birthdate in order to request a visa invitation letter from our partners. Please note, It is recommended that your passport has at least 6 months validity from 17 April 2020.

To submit your talk, please cut and paste the submission form below into the body of an email or within a single .txt file and send it to talks[at]defcon[dot]org. We request that applications are in plain text only to avoid disfiguring formatting errors. If you are submitting multiple talks, please submit them as separate emails. If you wish to send your submission encrypted via PGP please use KeyID:3A276723 for Nikita(at)DEFCON(dot)org.

If you have not received confirmation of your submission after two business days of submission, please check your spam folder, whitelist, and search for mail from nikita[at]defcon[dot]org, then contact us again at talks[at]defcon[dot]org.

Put yourself in the shoes of the DEF CON Review Board. With the large number of submissions, you would want to read well-thought-out, complete submissions without having to load special document viewers or visit external web sites. You would want to read the entire submission without having to look up acronyms or research prior works. You would have many submissions to evaluate and so the most complete ones would stand out to you.

With that in mind your submission must contain all the following information as contained in the form below.

  • Presenter Information
  • Presentation Information
  • Abstract
  • Outline
  • Supporting Files
  • Scheduling and Equipment Requirements
  • Signed Submission Agreements

Please be as detailed as possible so that our review board can best evaluate your presentation against other submissions.

The following are common issues identified in talk submissions:

  • Submissions with incomplete application forms.
  • Submissions without an abstract, detailed outline, bio.
  • Submissions where the outline is not significantly more detailed than the abstract and/or bio.
  • Submissions that have sent in only attached slides, papers, or point to a URL.
  • Submissions that have withheld details, or have knowingly falsified details.

Deadline to submit is 03 February 2020. It is recommended you submit a submission as soon as you can, we may close early if we receive enough quality content to fill the schedule. Send to talks ]at[ defcon [dot] org.

===== DEF CON CHINA 2.0 CFP FORM =====


Primary Speaker Name or Pseudonym:

Primary Speaker Title and Company (if applicable):

Additional Speaker Name(s)/Pseudonym(s) and Title(s):

Have any of the speakers spoken at any previous DEF CON? If Yes, which speaker, what year(s), and which talk(s)?

Primary Speaker Email Address:

Backup Email, in case of communication failure (optional):

Primary Speaker Phone Number:

Co-Speaker(s) Email Address(es):

Co-Speaker(s) Phone Number(s):

Speakers' Social Media / Personal Site Information (Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, website, etc):


Date of Submission:

Presentation Title:

Length of presentation: (20 minutes, 40 minutes)

What language will you be presenting in? (English, Chinese, Other) 

Is there a demonstration? Yes or No. If yes, please explain the demonstration.

Are you releasing a new tool? Yes or No
If you are releasing a new tool:
Under which license?
Is it a full tool suite, a plugin, proof of concept exploit, update to existing tool, or something else? Is the tool currently public?
What language is the tool written in?
Please introduce your tool briefly and explain what it does:

Are you releasing a new exploit? Yes or No
If you are releasing vulnerabilities, please break them down and abstract as a vulnerability database would. Include the vendor(s), product(s), and version(s) affected here:

Are there any contingencies that might prevent releasing the exploit (e.g. vendor relationships, coordinated disclosure delays, visa approvals, etc)? Yes or No

Have you submitted or do you plan on submitting this topic to any other conference held prior to DEF CON China 2.0? If yes, please list which conference(s) and their dates.

ABSTRACT (not to exceed 1337 characters):

Note: Your abstract will be used for the website and printed materials. Summarize what your presentation will cover. Attendees will read this to get an idea of what they should know before your presentation, and what they will learn after. Use this to inform attendees about how technical your talk is, what tools will be used, what materials to read in advance to get the most out of your presentation. This abstract is the primary way people will be drawn to your session, but should not give them the entire content of the talk. We request you keep your abstract well over 140 characters, but at or under the 1337 maximum.

SPEAKER BIO(S) (not to exceed 1337 characters total):

Note: This text will be used for the website and printed materials and should be written in the third person. Cover any professional or hacker history that is relevant to you and the presentation, you may include past jobs, tools that you have written, etc. Let people know who you are and why you are qualified to speak on your topic. If you prefer, you may write your bio under a pseudonym. Please include Co-Speaker and Panel Bios when possible.


Note: This is the most important section on the application. You must provide a detailed outline containing the main points and navigation through your talk - show how you intend to begin, where you intend to lead the audience and how you plan to get there. Your outline should be in simple text. Please do not submit slides, Docs, or PDFs as an outline.

The review board likes submissions that include references to prior works and research you used in developing your presentation. The more detailed your outline then the better we are able to review your presentation against other submissions (and the higher chance you have of being accepted).

Good Outlines are discussed here:

BAD outlines look like these:
i. intro
ii. something
iii. something else
iv. conclusion
v. q&a


Note: Additional supporting materials such as code, white papers, proof of concept, etc. should be sent along with your email submission. Additional files that may help in the selection process should be included. We are not asking for a complete presentation for this initial submission and full slides will only be required if you are selected for presenting. It is the submitter's responsibility to remove any PII from any attached slides, white papers, or supporting materials, and to appropriately sanitize any metadata in the provided content.


We work to accommodate special requests regarding speaking time-slots, but cannot guarantee any specific availability. If you have special circumstances limiting when you can speak, please let us know. Is there a specific day or time by which you must present? Yes or No. If Yes, Please indicate the dates/times and restriction.

DEF CON will have a projector to display my final submitted presentation, Slides will be preloaded for the benefit of translation in both English and Chinese. DEF CON will provide a handheld device to advance your slides, and a microphone. A podium is not supplied. If you have a demo which requires a direct feed to the projector, Internet, or any other necessary equipment to complete your presentation please let us know in advance so that it may be arranged. Are there any other special equipment needs that you will require to successfully present your talk?


Please read and accept these terms by inserting your name where noted. Failure to do so will render your submission incomplete. Please read these carefully as some of the terms have changed.

Grant of Copyright Use

I warrant that the above work has not been previously published elsewhere, or if it has, that I have obtained permission for its publication by DEF CON Communications, Inc. and that I will promptly supply DEF CON Communications, Inc. with wording for crediting the original publication and copyright owner. If I am selected for presentation, I hereby give DEF CON Communications, Inc. permission to duplicate, record and redistribute this presentation, which includes, but is not limited to, the conference proceedings, conference CD, video, audio, and hand-outs to the conference attendees for educational, on-line, and all other purposes.

Terms of Speaking Requirements

1) I will submit by 15 March 2020, a completed presentation, a copy of the tool(s) and/or code(s), and a reference to all of the tool(s), law(s), Web sites and/or publications referenced to at the end of my talk and as described in this CFP submission for publication on the DEF CON media server, to be released the day of the conference.

2) I will submit a final Abstract and Biography for the DEF CON website and Printed Conference Materials by 15 February 2020.

3) I understand if I fail to submit a completed PDF presentation by 15 March 2020, I may be replaced by an alternate presentation. This decision will be made by DEF CON and I will be informed in writing of my status.

4) I will include a detailed bibliography as either a separate document or included within the presentation of all resources cited and/or used in my presentation.

5) I will complete my presentation within the time allocated to me - not running over, or excessively under the time allocation.

6) I understand that DEF CON will have a projector to display my final submitted presentation, Slides will be preloaded for the benefit of translation in both English and Chinese. DEF CON will provide a handheld device to advance your slides, and a microphone. A podium is not supplied. If I have a demo which requires a direct feed to the projector, Internet, or any other necessary equipment to complete my presentation I am responsible for notifying DEF CON in advance so that it may be arranged.

Terms of Speaking Remuneration

1) DEF CON will provide one badge for each speaker per presentation. Each DEF CON badge is good for admittance to all official activities held during DEF CON China 2.0 from 17 - 19 April, 2020. As additional compensation, the primary speaker per presentation will receive an option of $200 USD check, or 2 additional attendee badges that I may keep, sell, give away, or use however I wish. 

2) I understand that DEF CON will provide hotel accommodations, and will provide up to $900 USD for international airfare reimbursement. For speakers within China, DEF CON will provide up to ¥3000 Yuan for transportation reimbursement. Without prior approval, I will be responsible for my travel expenses in excess of $900 USD or ¥3000 Yuan. I understand it's my responsibility to contact DEF CON for details. 

3) I understand that unless I hold an APEC travel card, I will need a visa and a passport with at least 6 months validity from 16 April 2020. If needed I will provide my passport details for a visa letter of invite by 15 February 2020. I understand I am responsible for personal fees associated with obtaining a Passport and/or Visa.

4) I understand that any checks issued for travel reimbursement not delivered by the time of presentation may be mailed to me up to 30 days after DEF CON China.

As detailed above, I, (insert primary speaker name), have read and agree to the Grant of Copyright Use. I, (insert primary speaker name), have read and agree to the Terms of Speaking Requirements. I, (insert primary speaker name), have read and agree to the Agreement to Terms of Speaking Remuneration or I will forfeit my honorarium.


I, (insert primary speaker name) understand that DEF CON's official Press Liaison & Staff may contact me. I consent to be contacted in order to arrange interviews with the media. My contact information will not be given to third parties without my consent.
> OR <
No, I (insert primary speaker name), don't want to be contacted by DEF CON's press staff for any reason. Our policies, including our privacy policy are located here:

CFP 中文

项目:DEF CON CHINA 2.0 征文集


地点:DEF CON China 2.0 将在4月17日至19日于751 D Park, 北京召开

行动:请填写申请表并发送至talks at defcon dot org.

DEF CON将为所有入选的演讲者提供酒店住宿。来自国外的演讲者将获高达$900美元的机票报销。国内的则是高达3000元的差旅报销。若需更多详情,请与我们联系。除非您已拥有APEC旅游卡,或拥有新、日、文、圣马力诺的护照;您将需要申办签证。由于办理签证需主办方出邀请函,请尽快向我们提供完整的护照信息及出生日期以获取。请注意,我们强力建议您的护照拥有至少6个月自2020年4月17日起的有效期。

请将您要提交的内容剪切并粘贴到邮件正文或.txt文档中。我们要求纯文本文件,以避免格式错误。若投数稿,请您个别提交。若想用PGP加密法提交,请用KeyID:3A276723 for Nikita(at)DEFCON(dot)org.


秉承方便他人的原则,希望您提交的内容是经用心打磨的完整演讲内容,且浏览时无需下载特殊浏览器或访问外网,不需查找额外文献即可通畅阅读。我们将从数以百计的投稿中,筛选出最优秀的作品! 您的投稿必须包含以下所有信息:

§ 演讲者信息
§ 演讲稿信息
§ 演讲摘要
§ 演讲者简介
§ 内容概述
§ 排程信息
§ 设备需求
§ 支持文件
§ 已签署的投稿协议



§ 不完整的申请表
§ 缺少了摘要、提纲等信息
§ 概述与摘要差不多一样
§ 只提交幻灯片、文件、或网址链接
§ 故意隐瞒细节,或故意篡改细节

















演讲用的语言 (中、英、其他)

有演示示范吗? 是 / 否


发布新工具吗?是 / 否




发布新的漏洞吗?是 / 否
是否有可能防止发布漏洞的突发事段?(例如:与供应商的关系等等) 是 / 否

您呈的话题目前是否已提交到DEF CON CHINA 2.0召开前的任何会议?若是,请把会议名称都列出来。







i. 介绍
ii. 某事
iii. 其他事
iv. 总结
v. 问答



DEF CON 将为演讲提供一台投影仪,及幻灯片的中英文翻译。除此之外,还会提供手持设备来操控幻灯片和麦克风。一般都不会提供讲台。若您需要直接连接投影仪,互联网或其他设备来做演示,请尽早通知我们,好让我们有时间准备。您是否需要任何特殊的设备吗?


我保证上述投稿此前未在其他地方发布,如已发布,本人已经获得给予DEF CON Communications Inc 发布的许可。作为最初发布者及版权所有者,我将即刻向DEF CON Communications Inc给予授权。若入选,我在此向DEF CON Communications Inc授予许可,让其复制、录制和重新分发本演讲,形式包括但不限于会议节目表、会议光盘、视频、音频、和分发给参会者,以供教育、在线和所有其他用途。


1)我将在2020年3月15日前,提交一份完整的演示文稿、一份工具和/或代码的副本,以及在演讲结束时提及的所有工具、法律、网站和/或出版物,如本CFP提交文件所述,以便在DEF CON媒体平台,于会议当天发布。

2) 我将在2020年3月15日之前,为DEF CON网站和印刷会议材料提交最终版摘要和传记。

3) 我了解,如果我未能在2020年3月15日之前提交完整的演示文稿,我有可能失去入选资格。决定权在于DEF CON。我会被书面形式通知。

4) 我将提供一份详细的参考书目,作为单独的文件,包括在我演讲中所呈现/ 或参考过的资源。

5) 我将在分配的时间内完成演讲,控制演讲时间长短适宜。

6) 我了解DEF CON 将提供一台投影仪,而幻灯片得预先加载,以便做中英文的翻译。除此之外,还会提供手持设备来操控幻灯片和麦克风。不会提供讲台。若我需要直接连接投影仪,互联网或其他设备来做演示,我背负着尽早向DEF CON 提出的责任,好让DEF CON安排。

1) DEF CON将为每项演讲提供一枚演讲者胸牌。此牌能自由通入所有在4月17日至4月19日DEF CON所举行的活动。以酬谢演讲者,每项演讲的主要演讲者可选择$200美金的支票,或获得另外2枚普通参会者胸牌。这胸牌可任我收藏、卖、送人均可。

2) 我了解DEF CON将提供酒店住宿,但机票会有所不同,具体取决于预算/可用性。来自国外的演讲者可获高达$900美金的机票报销,而自国内的演讲者可获高达¥3000的差旅报销。我知道我需要申请并预先获批旅行费用。若无此批准,我将对自己的旅费负责。

3) 我了解除非拥有APEC旅游卡,或某些国家的护照,我将需要签证及拥有自2020年4月17日至少6个月有效期的护照。如办理签证需主办方出具邀请函,我将在2020年2月15日前提完整的护照信息及出生日期以获取。我了解我得对申请护照/签证所需的个人费用负责。

4) 我了解我将在会议结束后,及完成我的演讲之后的30天内收到差旅费报销的支票。这若没能当场获,可以邮寄方式发送至我的地址。


本人(请填写主讲者姓名)了解DEF CON的官方媒体联系及工作人员可与我联络。我同意他们与我联系,以便安排媒体采访。未经我同意,我的联系方式将不会泄露给第三方。

不,我(请填写主讲者姓名),无论如何都不想与DEF CON的官方媒体联系及工作人员接触。