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Introducing DEFCON Groups

With Defcon 0b we introduce an old concept to a new generation of hackers; The DC Group. For the folks that have been around a while, they’ll remember when most hacker meetings were actually cool and you could learn something technical if you went to a meeting. This year Defcon jumps head first into foray with Defcon Groups (DC Groups)

DC Groups are starting all around the country! Listed below are the beta groups. Defcon would like to thank the founders of the new groups for all of their hard work and input. We invite you to attend a DC group meeting in your area and if your city isn’t listed, START ONE! Got ideas? Share them!

“What does it mean to have a DC Group in my city?” The DC Group function is a cooperative environment where each member contributes somehow. They get together once a month and mull over a particular technical topic (no politics or ‘save the planet’ crap here). Hanging out to meet fellow hackers is recommended, but not required (some of you won’t even get along with your own mom). Presentations given at the meetings should be put on the website for other groups to use as inspiration for their own groups. Each DC Group has an alias in the DNS server that points to their own group website. The DC Group page, complete with guidelines, etc will be available on shortly.

“There’s no group in my area, how do I start one?” Send an email to dcgroups{ax}defcon{døt}org and we’ll get you the information you need to know to get started.

“What’s required?” A place to meet - park, library, mall food court, etc. A point of contact (POC) for the group - someone who doesn’t mind keeping things focused. A website - not required, but it helps to give your group visibility and allows other groups to look at the talks your groups has had. Technical talks - let’s face it, every hacker wants to be more technical. Members - that’s mostly up to you. We’ll list you on the site, but only you have direct access to the tech heads in your area.

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