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Contest Results

App Sec Village Contest

Nitro Giveaway: smash8tap#1337

Kahoot competition: smash8tap#1337 He was a lucky duck haha.

CTF competition, celidon#9581

Darknet Adventure Island

Happy 2021!!! We had an awesome time hanging out with folks online!!!

DEF CON Awards

We had 7 categories, 29 distinct individuals nominated by the community, and 4 Swag Pirate nominees (stickers). Voting was set so that you didn’t have to enter a vote for each category. Congrats to all the winners, and a big thank you to all the nominees for your positive impact on our community.

Truth Speaker Award

(total 1010 votes – 6 nominees)

The nominees were:
Brian Krebs, Catalin Cimpanu, Christian Vasquez, Kim Zetter, Patrick Gray, Violet Blue.

The winner of the Truth Speaker Award was Kim Zetter.

Role Model Award

(total 887 votes – 8 nominees)

This award goes to the individual voted most suitable as a role model for other people in the industry or community. The nominees were:
Andrew Thompson @anthomsec, Katie Moussouris @k8emo, Ean Meyer @EanMeyer, Katie Nickels @likethecoins, Brian Krebs @briankrebs, Ray [Redacted] @RayRedacted, Lesley Carhart @hacks4pancakes, Chris Sumner @5uggy.

The winner was Katie Moussouris!

Acid Burn Award

(total 1030 votes – 7 nominees)

This award is presented to the individual voted by the community as having the best hacker related Twitter feed. The nominees for this award are:
Ian Coldwater @IanColdwater, Tony @TJ_Null, NotDan @notdan, Deth Veggie @dethveggie, ThugCrowd @thugcrowd, 99 Pi Org @99piorg, Meadow Ellis @notameadow.

Ian Coldwater won the Acid Burn Award.

Martyr Award

(total 1060 votes – 3 nominees)

This award is intended to acknowledge the sacrifices made by a single individual in keeping the world safe and secure. The nominees for this category are:
Chris Krebs @C_C_Krebs, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Zoom.

Dr. Anthony Fauci won the Martyr Award. He’ll likely never know this happened, but we appreciate his efforts to keep us all safe.

Morpheus Award

(total 1083 votes – 6 nominees)

Voters gave input into who has done the most to support intelligent security initiatives in 2020. Making this a difficult race, the nominees are:
DFIR Diva @DFIRDiva, Brad Smith @bradsmi, Chris Krebs @C_C_Krebs, rand0h @dakacki, Lesley Carhart @hacks4pancakes, Katelyn Bowden @medus4_cdc.

Chris Krebs won the Morpheus Award.

Swag Pirate

(total 890 votes – 4 nominations)

given to the sticker that best represents hackers in 2020. The nominees are:
Images 1, 2, 3, 4.

Image 1 - The strongest steel is forged in the fire of a dumpster sticker

Image 2 - Look it up baby, you'll see my name on it sticker

Image 3 - SQL Injection syringe sticker

Image 4 - Sunburst certified command & control professional sticker

The winner was #2.

Hacker of the Year

(total 1016 votes – 5 nominations)

The nominees were:
Ian Coldwater @IanColdwater, Lesley Carhart @hacks4pancakes, Jayson Street @jaysonstreet, Tony @TJ_Null, Хавиж Наффи @nnwakelam.

Lesley Carhart won the 2020 Hacker of the Year Award.

*During the voting process, we had several attempts to impact the voting. At least one of these was an automated attack adding multiple votes per category, per second. Within 20 mins we shut down voting, and cleared out the fraudulent votes. Should this event occur again, we’ll be choosing a different platform, a longer nomination period to reach a wider network of people, and the categories will be chosen by community vote.*


No official winner, but everyone was a winner because we partied on the mud and had a good time!

DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt results image

Drunk Hacker History

1ST PLACE: @DAkacki with 26,414 points (2nd best in the game's history!), ALL of which were earned during his Feat of Strength in which he snorted chipotle ranch dressing off a Home Alone VHS box.

2ND PLACE: @Jun34u_sec with 17,309 points, mostly earned during her Feat of Strength in which she began eating a massive onion like an apple.

Video here:
(Warning may contain adult content)

Hacker Jeopardy

See the video here:
(Warning may contain adult content)

Tiebreaker Results
Church of WiFi - $8500
Show & TELNET - $100

Ham Radio Village N4E special event callsign

We worked 144 folks, 62 grids, 3 continents, 35 states.

HAM Results 1

HAM Results 2

ICS Village CTF

1. Test
Score: 162

2. dobby1kenobi
Score: 156

3 guelfey
Score: 97

Kubernetes CTF

This year can't contain* us! Big thanks to all that participated in our first Capture The Flag event. We look forward to doing more in the future. Shout out to our winners tied for first place @0xpookie and @ak_ndb! Happy New Year!!!

Kubernetes CTF Graph

The SSH Contest

Winner: @jrwr / <@99722857596059648>
Honorable Mention: @jqp303 / <@738807168622657607>

(specified as Twitter handles / Discord UIDs)

TeleChallenge NYE 2020 with Red Box Games!

Team Professor Marksman Digestion Shoot, 1100 Points
Team Program Emergence Curio Factor, 585 Points
Team Program Prairie Supporter Nasal, 250 Points

Visit the TeleChallenge Alexa Jones Youtube

(Warning may contain adult content)

WSIIA (Whose Slide is it Anyway)

See the recording here:
(Warning may contain adult content)

3. 396.5 RC Martinez
2. 456.5 Jake Williams
1. 704.91 Ian Coldwater
Congrats to Ian Coldwater for the win!

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