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Vendor vending

DEF CON 22 Vendor FAQ and App is Now Live!

Attention Entreprenerds!

DEF CON 22’s Vendor Area is a great opportunity to get your geek-centric product in front of a highly focused, upwardly mobile and possibly drunk audience of over 10,000 vacationing tech enthusiasts. Share your business with people passionate about technology, make sales, even make friends.

To sign up, head over to the vendor site, read the FAQ and get the forms filled out. Don’t delay - August is closer than you think.

Hand Dropping mic

Speaker Page Posted, Check Out the First Round Accepted!

It's official. CON season is really upon us.

DEF CON HQ is proud to announce the first round of accepted speakers! Take a look, let us know what you think and what you're looking forward to most. We'd also love it if you kept your eye on the speaker page, because we'll be posting the rest of the accepted speakers as they are selected. On the speaker page you can watch DEF CON 22 taking shape, and you can weigh in here or @_defcon_.

We think you're gonna like the choices so far. Get excited - the countdown has begun!


SECTF Registration is Live!

The Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest is back for DEF CON 22 - this time with a Tag Team Twist! Spread the word and get signed up if you're ready to test your SE skills in Vegas!

Samples of the Faces of DEF CON artwork by Eddie the Yeti

Faces of DEF CON

Our community never fails to amaze. With no prompting from anyone, Eddie the Yeti has been making these beautiful portraits of DEF CON's better known faces and sharing them with the subjects.

He makes them with materials like soy sauce and coffee, wine and lime juice. He makes them insanely fast, but he still manages to get across the best of the subject's personality.

Check out his Faces of DEF CON series on DeviantArt. Check out the rest of his work, too. He's as good an advertisement as there could be for why you should come hang out with us in the desert. Brilliant, generous and doing it for the love.

Thanks, Eddie.

Pilgrim, another DEF CON regular, has made a tribute site to the series as well, at

DEF CON 22 Logo

The DEF CON 22 site is open!

Good news, everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already two-thirds of the way to DEF CON 22.

As we come down the home stretch, the DEF CON 22 site will be your one-stop information center for everything DC22. We’ll be constantly updating the site with talks, contests, events, entertainers and announcements to help you get the most out of your con.

Throw us a bookmark and keep checking back. Make us a regular part of your balanced media breakfast, and we’ll keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Keep calm and play ctf image

DEF CON 22 CTF: Registration is Open!

Good news, everyone!

Registration for the DEF CON 22 CTF season is open! To accomodate international competitors, the qualifying weekend has been moved to May 17-19.

It is time to assemble your champions. Sharpen them to a fine point. The doors to the arena open May 17. Fortune looks kindly upon boldness and skill. Failing those, she also seems pretty okay with treachery and subversion.

The information you require can be found at . You can register at

Step forward and meet your destiny.

Image of DEF CON gameshow

The DEF CON 22 Contests, Events and Villages RFI is Now Open!

Got an idea for a game-changing contest or event? Maybe you have the expertise to run a village on a compelling topic we've overlooked? This is your moment. Submit your idea on the DEF CON CnE website - we'll partner up with the best ideas and help make them happen.

The rules and guidelines are available on the CnE website. Check them out, and get yourself involved. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

montage of past art contest winners

DC22 Artwork Contest: Only Two Weeks Left!

We know that art takes time. We know that artists like to paint themselves into deadline corners, waiting until the last minute for inspiration to strike. If that's you, please bear in mind that the minutes run out in about two weeks. If you want to have your work considered for the contest, it has to be in to us by April 10. No exceptions.

Also, if you know a creative soul who might enjoy the opportunity, be sure to share this with them. We'd really love to showcase a lot of cool work this year.

Relevant data is all here:

Image of Be the Match sign-up form

Be the Match returning to DEF CON 22!

For the 4th year, 'Be the Match' is returning to DEF CON. It's your opportunity to register as a Bone Marrow Donor, and maybe someday save a life. There are lots of ways to hack your body, but this one doesn't slow you down at airports or make you look sketchy.

It also makes you kind of a hero.

To find out more about how 'Be the Match' works, you can check them out at these links:

Twitter: @bethematch
The InterTubes:

Montage of past Artwork Contest entries

DEF CON 22 Artwork Contest!

DEF CON Art Contest is back!

The theme of this year's art contest is "Behind the Curtain". Secrets. Lies. Alibis. The magic shades in 'They Live'. The world behind the world, where all the hidden gears are turning.  The code and subterfuge employed by the adept to sneak knowledge past the sleeping and the uninitiated.

Cool, right? If you can put together a jaw-dropping variation on that theme in the next 30 days, prizes and glory could be yours. Free admissions to DEF CON 22, credit to burn on DEF CON Swag, maybe even a T-shirt with your art on it.

There are Categories and Rules, of course. And a Deadline. All of these are important.  These things make it a contest. But you, my undercover artist friend, you make it epic. Pencils up and good luck.


Call for Musicians/Artists/DJs application is LIVE!

If you're a musical performer, a DJ or an ambient Esperanto slam poet* who dreams of performing at DEF CON, this is your moment. We're beginning to select music acts for DEF CON 22, and we might very well need YOU.

Extra slots for Chillout/Ambient/Downtempo types this year, so you lower-BPM types should make sure to apply.

Your road to rocking DEF CON starts with reading the rules.

Then, if you think you have what it takes to entertain the DEF CON massive, fill out this form.

*I'm pretty sure I made that up, but I would be happy to be proved wrong. I will make you a Facebook star.

Legitimate Business Syndicate image of hackers at CTF

DEF CON 22 Capture the Flag
Pre-Qualification Events!

Continuing the tradition of recognizing strong performance in Capture The Flag events through the year, Legitimate Business Syndicate is proud to announce the following events as DEF CON 22 CTF pre-qualification events:

  • Event
  • Date
  • Organizers
  • Qualified Team
  • DEF CON 21 CTF
  • August 1-4, 2013
  • by Legitimate Business Syndicate
  • Plaid Parliament of Pwning
  • RuCTFe
  • December 14, 2013
  • by hackerdom
  • More Smoked Leet Chicken
  • Ghost In The Shellcode
  • January 17-19, 2014
  • by Men in Black Hats + Marauders
  • Dragon Sector
  • Olympic CTF
  • February 7-9, 2014
  • by More Smoked Leet Chicken
  • penthackon
  • Boston Key Party
  • February 28 - March 2, 2014
  • by Boston Key Party
  • ???
  • Codegate Finals
  • April 1-2, 2014
  • by Codegate
  • ???
  • PHDays
  • May 21-22, 2014
  • by phdays
  • ???
  • SecuInside
  • Unannounced
  • by SecuInside
  • ???

Twelve more spots will be available to teams wishing to play at the DEF CON 22 Capture The Flag through our own open qualifiers, hosted May 17-May 19.

All qualifying teams will receive eight "Human" badges for admission to DEF CON 22 this year, as well as two hotel rooms at the Rio Las Vegas, for the duration of the event.

DEF CON Calendar icon

DEF CON Future Dates!

Sure, you know that DEF CON 22 rolls around August 7-10, 2014. Everyone knows that. But do you know the dates for DEF CON 23? DEF CON 24?

Probably not, because we're announcing it right now. DEF CON 23 will be August 6-9, 2015, and DEF CON 24 will be August 4-7, 2016.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

The Rio Hotel & Casino image

Bank error in your favor!

When we announced the discount room rates for the Rio last month, there was some kind of glitch in the Matrix. The first 200 signups were granted a rate even lower than our block rate. The Keymaker at the Rio has agreed to honor this rate for those lucky registrants. He had the Architect explain it to me, but he droned on so long I lost the plot. What I can confirm is that the 200th registration was reached, the anomaly was smoothed over and real-world rates have returned.


As ever, Fortune favors the bold.


The corrected rate (based on occupancy of up to three per room and taxed at 12%) is:
Sunday -Thursday   $119.00
Friday & Saturday $129.00

They charge an extra $30 a night if you add a fourth. Sometimes it's worth it. We don't judge.

Even that rate won't last long – the DEF CON block is about 40% sold. To book now and get the block rate, follow this link. See how deep the rabbit hole goes.

DEF CON Call for Services comic

NEW! Announcing the DEF CON 22 Call for Services!

Got something cool to share on the DEF CON network during DC22? Could be almost anything - a game, a stash of vintage K-Rad textfiles, whatever you think Con goers might wanna download. Submit your idea online, and if it's approved you'll get a couple of bonded gig ports and some promotion in the program and on the site. Sharing is kinda our thing - and we're counting on you to add some fun content. Apply today. Operators are standing by.*

* actual operator count may be as low as zero.

DEF CON on Google+ screen capture

DEF CON is Now on Google+!

We're starting up a presence on G+. We've got some interesting plans for the specific technologies they employ over there. If you're on G+ (and you probably are), come on over and add us to your circles. We can be found at

DEF CON 14 Logo

DEF CON 14 Video now on YouTube!

Can't stop, won't stop! New playlist up on YouTube, this time the entirety of DEF CON 14. Over 80 presentations. You can fire it up right now and be edutained for the next two weeks or so.

We'd love it if you'd share the knowledge with anyone you think might benefit. Like, share and be merry.

DEF CON 21 Short Story Contest Image

DEF CON 22 Short Story Contest!

The DEF CON Short Story Contest is back, and it's already open! No excuses - you have from now until the first of June to get your story in for the chance to win some cool prizes and get your story shared with the whole DC community. Four months to shape your hacker lit masterpiece. Make us proud.

The rules and regulations are all available in the Short Story Contest thread on the DC Forums.

DEF CON 22 Logo

DEF CON 22 Call for Papers is Now Open!

It's that time again folks! Polish up those ninja caliber proposals, because The DEF CON Call for Papers is now officially open! Read the announcement and find out what's new, then fill out the CFP form and start down the road to DEF CON glory! Good luck!

Photo of DEF CON 20 Badges

2014 DEF CON Groups Challenge!

We have seen DC 21 come and go, and after a little rest we all have begun preparing ourselves for DC22. Since we have 7 months until we all meet again in Vegas, I have prepared a fun contest to help you pass the time.

Plus, if you win, you and your team mates will get free badges (8 free badges for 1st, 4 free badges for second) to help offset the costs of attending DC22!

Have fun and happy hacking!


Read all about the 2014 DEF CON Groups Challenge!

DEF CON 21 Video Archive art

DEF CON 21 videos now available for direct download and torrent!

Did you miss DEF CON 21? Do you have a ridiculous amount of hard drive space and like to keep large archives of hacking knowledge? At long last, all of the DEF CON 21 speeches can be found on the DEF CON 21 Archive page, The DEF CON Media Server, or downloaded en masse at these torrents: CON 21 video and slides.torrent CON 21 slides.torrent

For the fist time ever, we have transcripts of the talks! Use them for closed captioning, read them, or if you are feeling saucy, translate them to other languages and be sure to let us know!


Image of the Rio Hotel courtesy

Book a room at the Rio for DEF CON 22!

For those of you that want to get a jump on DEF CON 22, you can now book your room for DEF CON 22 at our discounted rate! Register now and save! We have a special discount for the first 200 reservations made in the DEF CON block. There are still a few left, so jump in now and stay at our host venue for the full DEF CON Experience!

Legitimate Business Syndicate Logo

Announcing DEF CON 22 CTF!

Legitimate Business Syndicate has announced their intention to return as organizers of the Capture the Flag competition! Check out their DEF CON 22 CTF Announcement blog post!

Spacer image

Happy New Year from DEF CON!

We would like to wish all hackers, geeks, techs, nerds, makers, phreaks, engineers, privacy and security folks the world over a Happy New Year!

2014 will be a year of security battles, with more companies responding to news of their products being used in mass monitoring. Now is the time to get involved!

The IETF is working on the possibility of HTTP 2.0 requiring TLS always, dramatically encrypting more of the Web. Why wait?

  • - Enable HSTS on your own sites, enable EDH as well for "perfect forward secrecy"
  • - Run a tor server as middle if you don't want to be an exit. This is what we do.
  • - Encrypt your email. Don't want to fight with PGP? Then install an S/MIME certificate. IPhones work with them really well too.
  • - Encrypt your sms messages. Check out Wickr on Android and iPhone, or try "text secure" on Android, it should be on iPhone soon.

You guys get the idea. Make a resolution to up your defense game in 2014 to make life more difficult for all who would eavesdrop on us - for whatever reason.

Oh, and Hack the Planet™

Spacer image

Happy Holidays! DEF CON 21 Videos Now on YouTube!

Just in time for the holidays, we have a long awaited Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Solstice/etc. gift for all of you! You can now watch all of the DEF CON 21 talks on YouTube, with or without closed captioning! That's right, go ahead and stream all the hacker-y goodness from this year's DEF CON with your favorite holiday beverage in front of a warm fire! Happy Holidays from all of us at DEF CON!

Spacer image

DEF CON 21 CTF Packet Captures from Saturday!

Well here it is, the biggest one yet! Complete packet captures from Saturday at the DEF CON 21 Capture the Flag competition are now available for torrent! This is a huge one folks, compressed down to 35 gigs from 495, so get those hard drives cleared out and ready!

If you can, leave them seeding for a bit to share the love!

Spacer image

DEF CON 16 Videos now on YouTube!

Here's something to be thankful for! We've now posted the complete DEF CON 16 speeches on YouTube to watch at your leisure! Enjoy!

Spacer image

DEF CON 17 Videos now on YouTube!

You can now stream all the videos from DEF CON 17 that your heart desires on YouTube, the latest installment to our channel! Enjoy!

Spacer image

DEF CON Forums Temporarily Disabled

Service on the DEF CON Forums has been suspended due to a 0-day exploit in the wild which could compromise user information. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Check out for links to more info, and to see the super-shark-fin sad cat.

Spacer image

DEF CON 19 Videos now on YouTube!

DEF CON 19 videos are now live on YouTube for your streaming pleasure. We hope you enjoy these videos, and if you do please "like" them. Comments are open, so feel free to leave feedback, or start a conversation.

Spacer image

DEF CON 20 Videos now on YouTube!

The massive upload has begun! We are currently in the process of uploading all of the DEF CON video from past years to our YouTube Channel, and we begin with DEF CON 20! We're getting them up en masse and processed as we speak, and will be releasing them as we finish each show. Next up will be DEF CON 19. We hope you will enjoy them!

DEF CON 20 Presentations - Video + Slides playlist on Youtube

Spacer image

DEF CON 22 CTF Quals Tentative Dates Announced!

The team over at Legitimate Business Syndicate is getting a jump on things for DEF CON 22, and have announced their tentative dates for the 2014 CTF Quals! The 2014 Quals will be held Midnight May 17 to Midnight May 19, 1400284800 to 1400457600. Keep an eye on for all of their updates, and for links to the LegitBS Blog and twitter feed!

Spacer image

DEF CON 21 CTF Packet Captures from Friday + Tools and Binaries!

Legitimate Business Syndicate has been gracious enough to provide us with complete packet captures from the DEF CON 21 Capture the Flag contest! A big thanks to them and all the great teams who participated! Here is the first batch of those pcaps, all the traffic from Friday at the con. Saturday and Sunday's will be soon to follow so keep your eyes peeled!

They were also so kind as to include the tools and binaries from the game, which we have also included in a handy torrent file!

You can always find write-ups, file collections, and history of the DEF CON Capture the Flag competition on our CTF Page! Enjoy!

Spacer image

DEF CON 21 Materials RSS Feed, Updated CD, and Torrents!

For all of you fine folks out there, we have lovingly compiled the speaker's slide decks and extras from the con CD into the DEF CON 21 Materials RSS feed for your enjoyment! Not only that, but it includes all the updates submitted by the speakers since the con, so you'll have all the latest research! So check it out and grab the stuff you are interested in!

Alternatively, if you just gotta have it all sitting on a hard drive awaiting your whim, We have also posted a torrent and direct download link to the Updated Conference CD!

We've also updated a couple of the large collection torrents, one for the DEF CON CD/DVD collection from all the shows to reflect the addition of DEF CON 21, and another for the Hacker Related Documentaries with the addition of DEF CON: The Documentary.

Check out the following links and enjoy!

DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference Updated CD (Final) CON 21 updated hacking conference CD.rar.torrent CON Conference CD DVD/DEF CON 21 Updated Hacking Conference CD.rar

DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference Presentations (These are all the presentations from the speakers, but not the extras folder) CON 21 presentations.torrent CON 21/DEF CON 21 presentations/

UPDATED Collection of conference CD and DVDs - Now includes DEF CON 21 original and updated CDs CON Conference CD DVD Collection 2013.torrent CON Conference CD DVD/

UPDATED: Hacking Documentaries hosted at DEF CON - Now includes the DEF CON Documentary and sneak peek CON Hosted hacking related documentaries v2.torrent Related Documentaries/

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In Case You Didn't Know...

This may be old news to some of you, but we've noticed a lot of questions in the comments from the last few Facebook posts about where past DEF CON Content resides. We have several outlets: is a directory browsable repository for all of our past content. for all of our torrent files. These are the huge collections for all-at-once downloading. is a portal to our archive pages by year.

These include audio, video, CTF files, artwork and a ton more! So if you didn't know, now you do. Pick your poison and enjoy!