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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Dark Tangent

The Dark Tangent at the Grand Canyon

The Dark Tangent at the Grand Canyon. What a view.

To contact the Dark Tangent, email him at dtangent at

I have been experimenting with different social sites over the past year, and below is an "official" list of where I have accounts. Some people have already name-squatted on "Dark Tangent" so sometimes I also use "The Dark Tangent". Also some of the anti-sec followers have tried to impersonate me on different social sites. If in doubt about one of my accounts, check here.

I post my articles and writings on my blog [] and am trying to do more with it. It isn't the best way to distribute my writing, but this acts as a repository.

I use LinkedIn [] for keeping a basic online resume. I don't link to everyone who asks, I try to make sure I have met in person, or know of you through friends before I accept an invite.

For purely social I am experimenting with a Facebook public profile [] as well as very rarely using my personal one [].

For day to day random short messages I use Twitter [] and when talking about things related to DEF CON I use the hash tag #defcon, useful for when you do twitter searches to see what people are saying about DEF CON.

For pictures I post to my facebook account if they have anything to do with security, cons, or hacking. Maybe when I go to Tokyo I'll send pictures of cool tech , too.

Want to send me email? Use either S/MIME or PGP/GPG

Here is my S/MIME key:
SHA1 Thumbprint: 7f 05 f5 75 75 be a2 ab 5e 20 43 60 58 68 f9 5e 9b 4d cc 46
Fingerprint: 6867 937B E1CC 0E47 FF55 3A26 CC72 04AC 924A 45B7
Key ID: 0x924A45B7
Expires 05/19/2016
Direct Download: Dark Tangent (2048 RSA 2013-2016) SMIME PUBLIC.cer

Here is my PGP key:
4096 bit RSA PGP key, updated Feb 18 2015, Expires 1/1/2018
Key ID: 0x5D2405E5
Fingerprint: D121 EAAE D1B6 3D2E A0B1 953F FFAF A718 5D24 05E5
Direct Download: Dark Tangent (4096 RSA 2015-2017) PGP PUBLIC.asc

All of my email is assumed to be sniffed, so encrypt if it is something you don't want the world knowing. The PGP key is also available on major key servers, with preferred.

The Dark Tangent